southern breathes

she said, 'my soul needs this.'
this is true. i need to remove myself from this land, this location.
in one day i'll be in atlanta - sweet tea and southern hospitality.

it's all about speed. everything moves so fast.
this moment, i need it to slow down.
to enjoy. to relax. to heal.
to breathe.



oh, boy you laid
laid with me in the summer breeze
with pineapple trees
and bumble bee stings
we made it through the green seas

i could see you floating away
and away you went
into the waves
tipped me right side up

oh, boy you lied
lied and said it would be an endless line
finish line in a grizzly bear cave
and all the broken eggs
you never took your shoes off

now they fall
out of trees
the owls don't even need them
they all just lie
too quiet to make a sound



pick a glass, preferably a short round one.
add two ice cubes.
and pour, as needed.


fancy a nap

Dan says, 'sleep when you're dead.'

Well, I say I am close to it by the way my engine sounds. I have had a whirlwind of events for the past month that have been undocumented. Let me just say California was grand. Tori was rockin'. And the beach was breathtaking.

Since vacation I have been working every day. I need to slow it up so I can start practicing for the Omaha half-marathon. I know it's only 13 miles, but come on - me running 13 miles is a joke, a sad one at that.

Something random: banzai trees are not as magical as one would think - don't bother with them, even if Mr. Miyagi says so. They draw fruit flies and will creat a madness of mold! The raccoons will have a hay day with that, I'm sure.

We celebrated my mother's 60th birthday the other week. There was a great turnout and she had a good time - that's all that matters. Oh, and wedding cake from Farm House doesn't hurt either.

All I need now, is a cocktail and a nap.


we're all mad here

This looks amazing. My favorite cartoon comes to life in a trippy, hallucinogenic ride.


heading west

I'm in the Phoenix airport, drinking some Stella. My body is needing the sand, the ocean, warm sun. It's pulling me in.

King Taco is also pulling me in.

hit me baby

Tori did an out of the ordinary cover the other night. Enjoy.


some days

some days suck. for many reasons. like today.

baker baker can you explain
if truly his heart was made of icing
and i wonder how mine could taste
maybe we could change his mind

i know you're late for your next parade
you came to make sure that i'm not running
well i ran from him in all kinds of ways
guess it was his turn this time

thought i'd make friends with time
thought we'd be flying
maybe not this time


pricy m's

Amy and I went to see The Proposal yesterday. Before the film we decided we needed something sweet. Hollywood Candy was on the way so we stopped in. I saw they had M & M's sorted by color - not just regular everyday colors, but vibrant blues, greens and oranges (the three colors I chose). I got just under one pound of them and found my way to the checkout. $16 later, I decided that Hollywood Candy's M & M's are outrageously priced. But, they sure are purdy.

the professor

Loving is fine if you have plenty of time
For walking on stilts at the edge of your mind


dog breath

So it begins, again. The horrid heat of summer. I don't know if you can call it heat, it's more like sun temperatures, white hot. So humid you could cut the air with a knife. Thank Jebus for my morning iced coffee (1 inch nonfat milk, no ice, please) from whatever coffee shop I'm closest to. Although, Crane doesn't seem to understand the concept of iced coffee and looks at me in a stupor when I request it.

I need pool time, very soon, with cocktail in hand. I like the heat, but humidity makes me feel like I'm in the jungle. Even Pee Man is tired of it. I went for a run around the lake yesterday and it felt like I was breathing in oven air. Dog breath I say!

On a different note, we will be walking in the Carter Lake Parade for JDRF and I have a wedding on Saturday. I would enjoy wearing the blue linen suit that is available at Banana, but I believe I would only wear it once. Such is life.

Also on a second note, I need to gather people for a house warming of sorts. Keep your eyes open for details.



Not many things get to me and start stressing me out. Lately, I've been having a strange sensation that I think some would call stress.

Money - why do I have to pay all my own bills - rent, car, utilities. I want to go back to where I was footloose and fancy free.

Work - Never has work really stressed me out...I'm just learning to go with the flow. As long as I have a job, I must be thankful.

Having a part time job stresses me out. At times I feel like I don't have any evenings or weekends to myself. If I try to request off, I get scheduled anyways. Such is life - it is a part time job, so suck it up.

People - Some people can make me wonder. What goes through the minds - their thoughts? I can't imagine everyone to think like me, or make the same decisions - although, that would be nice.

I need a fix, cause I am going down
down to the pits that I left up town
momma I need a fix


feel good

Everyone should check out my buddy Andy. He just released his album. Congrats man!


what'd you say?

So funny this postcard was on Post Secret this week. For those who don’t know or haven’t heard about my ear trauma, let me fill you in.

About a month ago I woke up with a plugged ear. Being the lazy fella I am, I waited it out a week until I woke up one morning and couldn’t feel the right side of my face and I was in some crazy pain. I go to the doctor, they flush my ear and a large amount of wax came out. Yes, I do use q-tips, but this was so far down nothing could get this mess out. While flushing my ears they threw off my equilibrium, which almost made me fall off the bench and throw up all over the nurse.

A week later I went in for a checkup. I told them my ear was still plugged and a little sore. They look in there and say ‘You need to see an ENT asap.’ Lovely. So they rush me into an ENT doctor before he had surgery. He asked me to lay on a bed and turn my head to the side, I heard an air compressor machine turn on, and then a vacuum in my ear. It felt parts of my brain coming out. I asked if they extracted my unborn twin with tiny teeth and hair, they said no. What did come from my ear was a bloody/mucus ball the size of a pea. Lord knows what was happening in my ear.

10 days after that I go in for another checkup and a hearing test. The hearing scale goes a little something like this – the lower the number the better and young adults are around a 20. My left ear is 10 (go me!) and my right is 35/45. So basically I have the hearing of an 80 year-old. I went upstairs to the doctor and he put a gel patch ‘band-aid’ in my ear. I go for another checkup in three weeks.

Don’t worry, I’ll make this story come full circle. What’s funny to think is, when I was in junior high I thought it would be amazing to be deaf. A kid in school had a hearing aid, which I thought was neat looking, and I thought sign languages was beautiful. Cross your fingers that my hearing loss isn’t permanent.


it started, again

Tori will tour this summer, and so goes my craziness to go to as many shows as possible. This morning Brian and I purchased tickets for San Diego and LA. The frenzy of trying to get the best tickets imaginable is insane, and I always feel like I don't get the best seat in the house - I suppose it could always be worse, right? Either way, it will be magical. Both shows are outdoors, San Deigo is by the harbor.

Also, today is Shelly's birthday. We are going to Hu Hot for lunch and Genji for dinner. Good times, good times.



you better let somebody love you...

oh, those japs!

If you want to play a game where a football player steals your protein shake and you have to bust through walls to get it back, then this is for you. You can play any of the diverse, speedo-wearing muscle men. Hell, you can even play as a polar bear. Aw, I just love the p-bears. That being said, you gotta love the Japs.


sinful sounds

Tori's Abnormally Attracted To Sin comes out today. I had the chance to listen to it the other night...it's amazing - as they all are. Tour dates are coming up, I will be traveling to see her. Across the plains and mountains to San Diego and LA. Down a couple hours to Kansas City. And in the windy city for most likely my last show in Chicago.

You can check out her entire album on her myspace.


just listening

sleepy eyed
flowing to the keys
and the word
keep it playing the whole way through
that's all you have to do, i say

the sun will be up soon
i thought you were my sun
and i was yours
you gotta bring the fuel
bring it, light a match, watch it burn
burned so fast

too fast
so i keep listening
and flowing



So much news since the last post. I have a new residence. And, Dennis got me my first 'house warming' present: a pineapple. I couldn't think of anything better. Besides the fact I've never had to cut a pineapple, it looks nice sitting on the counter.

I don't have any photos yet, since I've lost one camera that I have the charger to, and the one camera I have, I can't locate its charger...such is life.

*I got to see Wicked last week with Molly. I loved it and I went in thinking I would dislike it very much. Thank you Molly for date night with two different kinds of cheesecake. My love handles appreciate it.

*Mother's Day - I got my mom and sister new purses. My mother's is a little larger than she is used to. No folks, this is not one of those giant, metallic purses with zippers and gadgets coming out of every seam. It's a nice black nylon with peanut leather lining. We smoked ribs, which I ate for the first time in all my 26 years. I only ate them because they were boneless.

*I've been loving this weather - rain, thunder and gloomy days keep my heart warm.

More to come, I will hopefully have photos of my apartment, or even better, you will have to come see it.


mammoth orange

Thank you California for producing such massive, delicious, juicy oranges for my morning breakfast. Also included in breakfast this morning was French pressed iced coffee and lite lemon yogurt, as well as Cat Power's The Greatest.


super cute protesters

Now this is worth having a laugh over.


This evening my mom took me shopping for my new apartment. She said, 'Well, I suppose I can help you out with things you'll need.' Thanks mom! You rock!

Things purchased for the apartment thus far: pots and pans, ironing board, iron, dented drinking glasses, white and charcoal bath towels, microwave, Kitchen Aid utensils, green striped kitchen rug, orange and green kitchen towels, floor mop/duster thingy - you know the Swifter kind or whatever they're called, toilet brush, containers, glass cutting board, and I'm sure a couple more items that aren't coming to mind.

We took a break from our busy shopping trip and grabbed dinner at Olive Garden. I ate so many bread sticks it was insane. I was good and took more than half of my meal home, because Lord know I can pack it away.

I am so thankful for my mom - she has done so much for me throughout the years and continues to be supportive in any situation. She's seriously the coolest mom ever, hands down.


loving love

Miss Love –

I’ll never forget our talks. You were always telling me I need to be ‘getting’ some sugar from all the men.’

You even tried to set me up with some 40 something year-old with a jaguar.
‘Nat, I don’t want some old man!’
‘But honey, he has a fly car!’

I would then ask you about all your men. You kept them close to your chest, and pretended to play them like a deck of cards.

You always made me laugh when you told stories or 'talked' about people. 'Girrrrl, she is tore up!' And I would agree.

Your style, your grace, you had a halo of light around you. I always thought of you as an angel being so perfect. Now you are an angel, so perfect.

We will miss you Nat.


new chapter

I searched for my first apartment ever last week. I called one person and looked at two different places. I picked the second and was approved. The girl who lives there currently is selling her washer and dryer for $100 and they are only two years old. She doesn't want to move them, I wouldn't either.

I move in the 20th of April. I am excited because I've never had to do this myself. I am sad because of a relationship ending. I am scared that I will actually be responsible for myself - something I've never had to worry about.

The good things that come out of this are: I will be living next to Amy, there are lots of trees around me, I am close to downtown, Amy and I will dominate the patio in between our apartments, and I'm closer to my family by just a little.


mary jane

oh lord
i need a fix
please send it my way
to fix all these broken things
just breath in
the medicine you give me
please send me mary
she'll fix all that's broken
send mary to make me smile again

Well he said,
Mom I want to forni–
I mean formulate and discover the realms of the unknown
With Mary Jane.

After all you’ll be away for the weekend
Just please consent
I need a friend.

I admit your puberty was somewhat strange
Could this be fixed with Mary Jane?
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane
Mary Jane who?

So I said,
Son you want to permeate and discover
the realms of the unknown with Mary Jane
After all the other boys that are your age
They only wake to medicate

Do I know the family?
Is she even family when she’s out in society?

“She even bakes,
She even bakes!!!
These odd brownies!”
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane
Mary Jane who?

Then he said,
I believe in her family,
on her maternal side,
there was a Dr Tetra-hydro-cannabinol, pure isomer Dronabinol…

Mary Jane who?
Mary Jane who?


ahhh big booty

Ever since summer ended when the weather grows cold, then colder, then unbearable, and I no longer run outside, I've gained weight. No, not seven pounds like the lovely Ms. Gordon, I went from 170-ish to much higher. Much higher being 199. When I saw that number I told myself, "It's either time to start getting your ass into the gym again or save for lipo." Since lipo is not in the budget and I already have a gym membership, I opted for working out.

Molly told me before my 21st birthday I would no longer be able to eat entire frozen pizzas (my drug of choice was Digiorno's or Freschetta pepperoni). I could eat a whole pizza and not feel the affects of it. Well, 21 hit and I couldn't eat the whole thing, but I could eat half of it! Now, at 26 I can eat maybe 2 slices. Oh, metabolism, where art thou? I can't seem to kick the weight I gained. True I am just not getting back into going to the gym on a regular basis so that should help. Plus the weather is nicer and I have been running around the lake.

After the tornado the other day I found myself in Complete Nutrition looking at fat burners. I have always prided myself on never taking any pills other than vitamins. But I've thrown that pride wayside for now. The very enthusiastic sales associate told me about ShredSTACK. Let's hope it works and doesn't give me a heart attack. I'm on my second day of taking it and so far feel fine. I've dropped a couple pounds already in the past week, but I think that is mostly due to depression - the best diet ever.
Extreme Muscle Sparing, Fat-Burning Stack STACK THE LIQUID ATTACK! With advanced delivery systems in MegaShred liquid softgels and Assault liquid capsules, these advanced fat-targeting formulas won't compromise any of the muscle you've worked so hard to gain.


porta potty on saint patty

I know this is a week old, but oh well. Saint Patrick's Day was off to a wonderful start when I was wearing a green polo with an elephant on it. For lunch we walked to Clancy's where I had a green beer and my very first corned beef sandwich. I was skeptical by the name of the meat alone. But after tasting it wasn't bad, a little on the dry side, but tasted like salami.

I left work early to join Shelly and Frank in the Irish festivities. Frank met an ex-pro football player who sells medical supplies now. Chelsea and Dan met up with us later. Chelsea wasn't wearing green, so I don't even know why she came - but she never got pinched. Poker Face started playing and we danced like no one knew us. If I had to be a woman, I would want to be Lady Gaga, I think she is so rad.

Chelsea ordered her first beer, ever.

When no music was playing Dan pulled out his mini speakers and we rocked out.

Below are images from the inside of porta pottys. I love when people write things on bathroom walls and I always take photos of them. Some are mighty clever.

When we left the bar Dan and I decided we were hungry. We made it for Kona happy hour where it was dead. All in all it was a good night. Next year, I will dress up like a leprechaun or a rainbow where my genitals will be a pot of gold, I haven't decided.



when you told me the news
you knew i wouldn't sing the same tune
it cuts and pains me
to know i'd have to compete with the other side of the world
so go
and fly
without me by your side
talk happy on the phone
like you've already forgot about me and your home
goodbye 1's and 0's



Tori's REAL album cover was revealed as well as the track listing. She had a conversation discussing the idea of her 10th album with Spinner. I'm pumped to hear what it will sound like! I'll also have to start saving my pennies for her summer tour....AHHHHH!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

1. ‘Give’
2. ‘Welcome to England’
3. ‘Strong Black Vine’
4. ‘Flavor’
5. ‘Not Dying Today’
6. ‘Maybe California’
7. ‘Curtain Call’
8. ‘Fire to Your Plain’
9. ‘Police Me’
10. ‘That Guy’
11. ‘Abnormally Attracted to Sin’
12. ’500 Miles’
13. ‘Mary Jane’
14. ‘Starling’
15. ‘Fast Horse’
16. ‘Ophelia’
17. ‘Lady in Blue’


bad habits

I have several bad habits that I need to discontinue as soon as possible. Below are a list of just a few of them:

-When I get nervous I bite my nails. Worse, I pull out my facial face i.e. beard, eyebrows and sideburns. I pull them so much that I create bald spots. I really only do them when I'm anxious and/or nervous.

-If m&m's are near me, I will eat them like popcorn and I won't stop until they're all gone.

Ok, so those are just two, not as many as I had thought. But really, the pulling of hair needs to stop - people must think I have a condition of some sort. Today, has been one of those days I am close to baldness.



What's a boy to have for diner? Homemade crab cakes with scrambled eggs and pepper jake cheese alongside a chilled Kronenburg 1664. So tasty, tasty.

*The crab cakes didn't turn out as well as planned, they lacked their delicious seasoning and creamy inside texture. This doesn't mean they were all that bad, they were tasty and I ate them.


shitacular day

What do you do when corporate America gets you down?

You eat Fernandos and Eileen's Cookies of course!



the bird and the bee - polite dance song

Yes that is what I mean
That's the nail that I hit
I try to be as coy as I can
But I wanna see your naughty bit


The new cover for Tori Amos' Abnormally Attracted To Sin. Please disregard Perez's squiggles.
I wonder if this album will have a big band feel to it? She did do the cover of You Belong To Me. We shall see, she surpises everytime.

Although this photo is bad ass, it is not the new album cover. Tori's camp isn't even involved with this photo. I wonder when it was taken or what it was supposed to be used for? From the look of her eyebrows, it must be circa 2001, Strange Little Girl era. Maybe we will never know.

Tori Press Release!

This Tori news makes me excited in my pants!!! Her new record company released information about her upcoming album which comes out in Spring! She is playing SXSW but they spoke of how difficult it is to get tickets for certain shows there. I do love me some Tori, but I don't know if I can pay $600.00 for one ticket. Below is her press release:


(New York, NY, February 17, 2009) There will be thousands of artists and tens of thousands of music fans gathering at over 60 venues for this year’s South By Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX, but all eyes will be on groundbreaking star Tori Amos, headlining one of the most anticipated events in the conference’s two decade-plus history, on Thursday, March 19, at historic Austin club, La Zona Rosa.

The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter is headlining a star-studded Universal Republic Records showcase at the popular venue, sure to be looked on as one of the must-see events of the four day festival. Tori will be performing new songs from her upcoming Universal Republic debut album, ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN, scheduled to hit stores and the digital domain this spring, as well as other classics from her influential repertoire.

Tori’s recent signing with Universal Republic is in keeping with the inventive star’s unconventional approach to the artist/record company relationship. Universal Republic will distribute Tori’s new album, as well as correlate other ventures in tandem with Tori’s prolific creative output. ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN, her tenth studio album, is another innovative chapter in the artist’s trailblazing story. Every track on the album will be accompanied by a corresponding ‘visualette,’ featuring footage that has been captured over the past year. Shot in HD and Super 8, the visualettes will incorporate a documentary style.

Tori’s most recent album, AMERICAN DOLL POSSE, which has been hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as ‘her best album in years,’ was released in 2007 to a chorus of rave reviews. The captivating album, like many of her previous efforts, adhered to a strong conceptual theme, with Tori inhabiting multiple archetypal female personae, a testament to her willingness to continue to push the boundaries of the female singer/songwriter.

Regarded as one of the most emotionally fearless live artists in music today, her most recent world tour, launched in the summer of 2007, saw her soar with her first full-fledged rock band in nearly a decade. Media platforms such as the BBC lauded both her live show and album as ‘returning Tori Amos back to the forefront of a genre she defined…still pushing her own boundaries.’



I am a college graduate who can't figure out the new phone system. All I need is to turn the volume down and to answer it, and I can't seem to do that correctly. Oh, what a day.
On a better note, people are leaving all their Valentine's Day candy right next to me. Dark chocolate M&M's are definitely keeping my taste buds satisfied.


Ellerie: Do you and Dennis sleep in the same bed?

Dennis: Ummmm...

Me - *head down*

My mother: Yes, they do.

Ellerie: How romaaaaaantic!


heart candy

last night you took me on an international flight
thank you for the cider
and beer i had once in Paris
thank you for chocolate
that you went back in time to get
thank you for the meal you caught
on the open seas in italy
'you're simply the best'
says ms. turner
because, you are.

thank you, my valentine.


7 years

i can see you
in the rear view
always in the back seat
always over my shoulder
i'll always want you near
i wish that things didn't change

i miss you, dad...


gentleman on the run

Last night was a good night. Or so it started out that way. We had to collect a urine sample from Kora after work to have tests ran to make sure she isn't sick. Come to find out, she just has a loose sphincter, poor thing.

After that fiasco, we went for a run. It started out somewhat nice, but in the end it was so cold my feet went numb. It felt like I was a pirate running on my wooden stumps. On the last quarter of our run we notice two young women trying to fix a tire. Dennis suggested we stop. I suggested we call AAA. I know two shits about changing a tire.

We stop and help them. This is post run where I'm sweating and only wearing a long sleeved shirt and shorts. I think it was a balmy 25 degrees out as well. Homegirl didn't have a doughnut for her car because she informs us she's been through three tires before this. We found ourselves at Wal-Mart getting her a new tire.

We made it home in time for Heroes. It was such a great episode. I get all excited like a school girl when it comes on. I wish it was on every day and not once a week.



It's funny, well not really. I've had a blog for how long and today, I just upgraded it. I was like one of those old people who have bunny ear antennas on their television. Bare with me through the changes - that's even if people read this thing anymore.

On a different note, Heroes starts tonight. I'm a huge dork for this show. I secretly wants powers. I don't know what power I would posses, but I am greedy and would want more than one.


plastic troubles

Why am I not rich?

That's all I really want to know. I mean, I'm rich with family, friends and experiences, but I want to be loaded with money. The funny thing is, I make more at my current job than I have at any other place I've worked - and I've never been more in debt.

How does one get themselves into debt? Well, I still haven't figured out how I did it - but it ass raped me without lube. I won't go into discussion on how much I owe in case my mother reads this and gives me a lecture on my spending habits, but what I can tell you is this is the first time I have put myself on a budget. I hate it. Why can't I buy the things I want? Why do I have to watch what I spend?

I know my debt is minimal compared to some, but I received my credit card bill and not only did it go above an ugly number which happened to be my credit limit, they also raised my APR from 7% to 31%. They put me into penalty pricing way before I penalized. First National Bank can suck my balls on that one!

Several people have told me and Molly the best time of their life was when they were poor/broke living off of ramen. I have a hard time believing that.

I am posting a pretty picture because this is an ugly post. Enjoy.


seven day pass

Yesterday was the last day of our seven day visitor's pass at Lifetime Fitness. I wanted to see what all the hootin' and hollerin' was about this place. I knew from my observations that it reminded me of a Scientology Center, but without the gates around the premises. It's massive - a two story structure that is mostly windows, that at night shines like a beacon in the flat West Omaha land.

My feelings towards Lifetime are good. It's much more clean than my current gym, 24 Hour Fitness, some additional weight machines and free towels. Now, I'm sure you wonder why I care about free towels...well, friends, I sweat like my back has fat and it's excessive. Along with free towels comes a more upscale locker room. The lockers are all wood and come with their own key - no hassle of forgetting your lock at home. Inside this fancy space for men there is a sauna and steam room (with eucalyptus I might add).

While doing cardio, the buttery smells from the cafe linger. This makes me want to skip running for 30 minutes, go downstairs to the cafe and stuff my face with whatever that yummy smell is. During my short stay with Lifetime I visited the cafe once. Selection ranges from shakes to pizzas to MUSCLE MILK*. I enjoyed a strawberry pineapple protein shake, it was halfway to delicious.

It's these little things that make me want to join. But it's back to 24 Hour tonight, where there are no free towels or mouthwatering smells. But then again, I should focus more on my fitness and not the perks...right?

*Everyone knows these people. They are the extremely buff patrons of the gym and you see them a lot of time being social butterflies instead of actually working out. They tend to scream or grunt while doing sets - maybe this helps them lift all the heavy weight. I sometimes think it's because they are exerting so much they might get a hernia. Recently, Dennis and I over heard a body building midget say 'DUDE! WHERE'S YOUR MUSCLE WATER?!' from across the gym. I suppose it's people like this that makes the world go round.


wake up call

Holy shit! I knew daddy had some love in the handles, but when Dennis said the words, 'Ok, you won't like your back picture,' I didn't know how severe it was.

Let's pray this works. I've never had a great body at any time in my life, so in doing this, I hope to acheive something near that. Please be aware that the photo below might not make you want to eat for awhile. But...this is also great motivation...so here I go!

operation: get hot v2

Some time ago I put Operation: Get Hot into affect. Well, it went nowhere fast. This time is different.

Ever since being with Dennis my habits have changed. I go to the gym on a regular basis, I somewhat enjoy running and I don't eat out as often as I used to. Over the summer I saw my body transform from chubba chub to a somewhat healthy physic.

Just when I had the love handles under control, they came back with a revenge. Dennis mentioned last night we need to do something about it...not just me, him as well. We will be changing our diet to more vegetables and protein meats. I have a feeling I will break down and sneak a slice or two of Zio's.

I have decided I will track my progress. I think it will give me motivation to put my love chub on this blog for all to see. You will be the fire under my ass.

This training, or whatever you care to call it, will start after tonight. I previously made a dinner date with Katie at Don & Millie's and I am for sure each cheese frenchies and a chocolate shake - you can't stop me!


what stress?

Being away from work has its pros and cons. The pros are the obvious - play all day, gym time, sleeping in...this can go on and on. The cons are work load.

I've never been one to handle stress. Some people freak out and shut down, some people don't have the slightest bit of stress. For me, I just act like it's not there. Don't get me wrong, I know it's there, but I handle it with a different approach - procrastination. When I'm at a standstill, I might have a quick peek at Post Secret or pick a calming song from my iPod. I know the work is still there...waiting.

Today I had a quad tall americano with 1/2 inch nonfat milk and one packet raw sugar. This drink makes me happy.