new friend

Last Friday after Danelle and I had gotten back to the office from running errands, we found a creature under a car in our parking lot. We weren't very sure what is was. It looked like a beaver, but it didn't have a tail - plus there aren't any dams around here. We decided it was a badger. We named him Boris.

But now I doubt our decision making in considering him a badger. He looks nothing like one, and we don't think he is very mean. So, he will just be Boris for now, until further notice.


oh, mel!

I bet Jesus still loves him. At least he isn't a scientologist, just another crazy Christian.

Gibson arrested for DUI.


welcome to the team

As for why he's talking about this now Bass says, "The main reason I wanted to speak my mind was that (the rumors) really were starting to affect my daily life. Now it feels like it's on my terms. I'm at peace with my family, my friends, myself and God so there's really nothing else that I worry about."

Courtesy People

thank heaven for david

David Beckham is amazing. He is a greek soccer god and I love him for that. I especially love this picture of him doing the balls-grab, go check out Perez's site for more.

Now the only question is - why in God's name is he with this piece of plastic?


song of my soul

sometimes I breathe you in
and I know you know
and sometimes you take a swim
found your writing on my wall
if my heart’s soaking wet
Boy your boots can leave a mess


fcuking get over it

Going along with Mollie's blog about BeBe, I am attacking French Connection United Kingdom. Yes, at first they were interesting and cutting edge. But now, everyone from Vegas to Omaha is fcuking. And it's getting old.

'I'm sorry, does your shirt say 'fuck' on it?'
'No, no. It's F-C-U-K.'

People loved the attention it brought upon them. But people, I'm over them, along with a great number of other people. So please, stop bringing more attention to yourself and dispose of your FCUK shirt that you got on holiday. And look into purchasing something from Mr. Kors.

In the heart of cheese country...

This is an email I received from my pal, Brian. May he find his way to good cheese and hot ass in the state of Wisconson.

Remember that Kristy Alley movie where her daughter was in that Wisconsin beauty pagent? I think i'm there. I fully expect to see a flaming parade float go charging by. I'm in this rinkity ass 'coffee shop' as we speak. I orginally had suspisions that it might be one of those 'christian bookstores' but i overlooked that at the possibilitiy of free wi-fi...which apparently is the only place the internet exists up here. My suspisions were confirmed when I attempted to log on to gay.com and manhunt (see the below message of what I recieved.) Seeing as this is a catholic book store i thought there would be pleanty of access to gay related sites...i mean
what about the priests...god doesn't just send them gay porn. If he did that would be fucking awesome. In addition to not allowing me to access porn, i also cannot access aim, yahoo, or myspace...they probably don't want their kin to reach to access the outside world...this is the new waco.

after the 7 hour drive we had dinner at this little steak place....i had a steak fries and a beer for $8! if only the cheap food made up for the environment. luckily there are airplanes here...millions of them...every 5 seconds one flies over...i heart it.

i hope all is well...i'm going to go find some priests...



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It's ok.
good day

As long as we laugh out loud
Laugh like we're mad
Cause this crazy, mixed up beauty is all that we have
Because what's love but an itch we can't scratch, a joke we can't catch
God, but still we laugh


take me back

I fell in love. I always fall in love, every five seconds with something, or someone, but it usually goes away after the next five. But the love i fell for is California. Palm trees, the ocean, sand, beautiful sun. I had no idea the beauty this land held. Being there for only a short time, I have this strong urge to move. We shall see.

Long Beach.

Asleep. A magic man of sorts. He moves like the current. Has incredible spirit and energy. And has a never-ending creative juice that comes in the form of paintings, music and (short) films. (Go to youtube.com and search for 'xxxasleep'). He treated me to a wonderful time in Long Beach, among other things. He also isn't afraid to put away an 8,000 calorie meal. My kinda guy.



Lovers. Sand lovers. Drawn together just as quickly as the tide separated them.


sleeps with butterflies

Over the fourth of July holiday, Aunt Karen got a wild hair up her ass and decided to go downtown to get a tattoo her, my mom and aunts have been talking about getting. They were booked and made her get an appointment. This past Friday is when the ink was drawn and bonds were created.

My mom thought it was a horrible pain, but she held strong. It can't be worse than child birth, right?

After the pain he inflicted, she still posed for a snap.

The end result. At first I didn't know what to think of my mom with a tattoo. But I am happy at the outcome.

The whole idea of butterflies goes back to my Grandma Dorothy. She collected them, and when she passed away, my mom and aunts got most of the butterfly knicknacks that have collected on the shelves. It was the five year anniversary of her death and through the years they have exchanged butterflies in all forms.


naughty bits

You know how everyone talks about dreaming going to school naked, well, my dream last night was similar. I took it a step further than going to school, or driving naked.

It was some sort of holiday, in the summer. A parade was about to begin. Millions of people, well, enough to fill Carter Lake. The floats had started moving, the band playing, and me getting ready to march.

My family was there, sitting on picnic tables. My mom asks, "what are you doing?" in a calm voice. I don't remember saying anything.

I marched along Jenny (from the GAP, not the block). As I started walking with the parade, off came my shirt, then my shoes, next my pants. My underwear was the last thing off. I walked proudly, birthday suit.

"What are you doing? I didn't dare you for $5!" I remember Mollie exclaiming.

I wasn't embarassed. I don't think I would be in real life either. But, that won't happen...maybe some day at Mardi Gras.

The Parade ended. I don't remember putting my clothes back on.

someone is on her way



Dawn and Todd have purchased a trampoline in the past two weeks. I forgot how fun these were, and how dangerous.

Ellerie asked me to jump with her, not knowing how accident-prone I was. I did a wonderful job. Jan on the other hand, did much better than I.

While jumping, Carter Lake's Ding-Ding Man drove down our street. All summer you can hear the bell dings in the distance and know a child, somewhere, is enjoying a Bomb Pop.

What these children don't know is that this man who supplies them with ice cream, also supplies addicts with meth. Country.

captain jimbo

Pirates of the Caribbean II. It was amazing and makes my love for pirates grow deeper.

"They look like Pirates from here"
Boy I've been one for years
just keeping my head
-Snow Cherries From France


can't stop what's coming

“It’s a real challenge, allowing myself to not have any kind of subject limits [this time] because I was trying to protect my child,” she said of her new album. “But that’s not the only reason I’ve written what I’ve written and done what I’ve done the last five years. Now that I’ve addressed things coming from the mother, the minister’s daughter and a sexual creature, it’s time to do something else energetically. I’m not quite sure how to put it in words yet and I think it’s better to let the music speak for itself.”

-Tori Amos on her upcoming album.

hear those bells

Congratulations to two wonderful people who are madly in love, Danelle and Mr. Joel.


my song

I am not really a huge fan of this song. But maybe I should be since this is my 2006 summer anthem.

Your 2006 Summer Anthem Is

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

"No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins"



American Cities That Best Fit You:
70% San Francisco
60% Chicago
60% Philadelphia
55% Honolulu
55% Los Angeles
Which American Cities Best Fit You?
Lil Kim - Ladies Night


Is it bad to try and not care about certain things? Bad in the fact it means a lot to someone else, but you know, for your own sake, and sanity, to put it aside and let it fall waist-side where it will dangle, loosen and fall. I feel cruel. I don't know why. Patches and stitches won't work on this one, not this time. I feel cruel, because I've been there before. It was hell, but I did survive (as most usually do). It's a continuous war on the inside, against yourself. I feel cruel for feeling the things I've felt. Knowing I couldn't help it, this is my war on the inside. I still fight it from day to day. Time will heal that war and the inside. And time will also patch and stitch. Just give it time.



She feels at home on the range; ear-protectors in position, man-shaped paper target up and waiting for her.

She imagines, a little, she remembers, a little and she sights and squeezes and as her time on the range begins she feels rather than sees the head and the heart obliterate. The smell of cordite always makes her think of the fourth of July.

You use the gifts God gave you. That was what her mother had said, which makes their falling out even harder, somehow.

Nobody will ever hurt her. She'll just make her faint vague wonderful smile and walk away.

It's not about the money. It's never about the money.
This picture, and song, always reminds me of the 4th. May beautiful explosions remind you of freedom - and happiness fill your heart full.



To one of my favorite guys on his birthday (well, it's five minutes past his birthday day). A boy who knows how to rock the flippers and goggles when there's no pools around.

And as well as tapping the keg on his uncle's pirate party. Happy birthday bud.



Thought I knew you well
Thought I had read the sky
Thought I had read a change
in your eyes
so strange
Woke up to a world
that I am not a part
except when I can play
its stranger

After all
what were you really
looking for
and I wonder
when will I learn
Blue isn't red
everybody knows this
and I wonder
when will I learn
when will I learn
guess I was in Deeper than
I thought I was
if I have enough love
for the both of us

"just stay" you said
"we'll build a nest"
so I left my Life
Tried on your friends
Tried on your opinions
So when the Bridges froze
and you did not come home
I put our snowflake under a microscope

After all
what was I really
looking for
and I wonder
when will I learn
Maybe my wish
knew better
than I did
and I wonder
when will I learn
when will I learn
guess I was in Deeper than
I thought I was
if I have enough love
for the both of us

so strange
now I'm finally in
the Party has begun
it's not like I can't
feel you still
but strange
what I will leave behind
you call me one more time
but now I must be leaving

thank heaven for little girls

Ellerie: Grandma, who is driving?

Jan: Your mom is driving.

Ellerie: Why isn't daddy driving?

Jan: Because he drank beer.

Ellerie: Well, it's good I'm not driving, because I drank a lot!

Jan: You drank beer?

Ellerie: No silly, I don't drink beer.