and i ran

Such another good weekend. Last night Dennis and I grabbed Hiro take-out and ate at Amy's. It's just as good, and you don't have to wait forever to get a table. We saw Vantage Point that evening as well, you should definitely go see it.

Today was a run day. Fun-day, run-day. Dawn, Dennis and I ran the entire lake. Well, we talked twice, but I'd say that isn't bad. It totals about to seven miles. I thought I was going to die near the end of it, but Dennis didn't seemed phased at all. Lucky bastard. I tell myself it's because I don't run very often, which I think may be the case. I am working my way up to the half marathon. Here I come!

After the run and somewhere soon after me falling to the floor, we made sushi. I've never made it before so it was prety good times. We used the following ingredients: crab, smoked salmon, cucumbers, avacado (this was just for me), carrots, thai chips, sausage, snow peas, and lunch meat. I know some of those things sound like a crack head's sushi roll, but they were delicious. And we made enough to feed Tokyo. No seriously, the plate weighed at least five pounds.

Now the weekend is over. My horoscope said that there were will some bad ass things happening on the 28th & 29th that will involve some exploring. Now, I don't think that could be bad at all.

birthday girl

Friday night was Quinn's birthday. Let's just say, nothing but good times happened.

Now, sometime after a couple bottles of wine, Jen, Dennis and I were in some side bedroom. I took my shirt off, then she insisted she show us the attic. She told us no one knew about it and hinted we should stay up there. We did....and so, we came back to the party and everything was a little confusing. I think I needed sleep - and I think I was still wondering why we were in an attic. This last picture has to be after that, because I'm not sure why Dennis is drinking from the bottle and I am getting naked. Anyways, cheers Quinn.


asian say what?

Today has been a good day. I had an interview that I think went pretty well (but I'm still crossing my fingers) and I had lunch with Dennis. We dominated hamburgers and he had an edrink with his meal, which I find to be a little odd. Afterwards we went to the Asian store to pick up things to make sushi. While we were there I found some items to be hilarious...

Oysters as large as a small child...MMM

This looks like something you would feed your dog.

So funny - this snack reads: How delicious it can not forget, special taste, return the ture flavour. Give you the infinite feeling.

Ok, I have something to say about this: A) I was so confused what ture was. Dennis told me it was supposed to be true. B) What is this infinite feeling I'm getting from this?! Whatever it is, I hope it's good.

I saved the best for last. True, his label doesn't read anything humourous, but he does say things that make me laugh.

While standing in line he asked what I wanted in my sushi. I said there has to be avocados in it. And then I asked if we will put salmon in it. He said no. I was informed of the turkey bacon-potato chip-deli meat roll. Doesn't it sound...interesting? Oh, those crazy Asians.


sia (tunes)

I really enjoy this girl. Especially tonight.

Day Too Soon

honey i will stitch you
darling i will fit you in my heart
honey i will meet you
darling i will keep you in my heart

Gimme More (way better than the train wreck)



I told Dennis he was my new trainer at the gym. He kept asking me what I wanted to do or work on. I said, just as long as I have muscles like you, I don't really care.

"Do you like to do pull-ups?"
"Ummmm...does anybody?"

I know you can imagine I didn't do very many pull-ups. I think they're the devil's work. To top it off my body twitched in weird places when I gave my attempts. I will definately be working on that workout in the future.

Another thing I hate is a lot of people there. I am not very self-conscious, but I feel like an idiot doing certain things in front of people. I am weak in the strength sense, maybe that's what I am uncomfortable about. I haven't figured it out, but whatever it is, I'm sure it'll go away - or at least I hope it does.

I hope he lights the fire under my ass more to work on my fitness, just because I'm so lazy.

be my valentine

I got bamboo, from someone very awesome.

"Flowers die, so i got something new..."

I like the idea of bamboo, it lasts longer than flowers for one. And another thing, I got them at work and people were jealous I got something first.

Here's to the new romance. And many more bamboo.


it slipped past

it slipped passed, dad
my heads been floating in the clouds
rolling on the ground
so much in the past year
the ocean and back
among other things
ill see you in the car ride
to and from everywhere
sorry it slipped
six years.


wash 'em away

Tonight as I was about to start laundry my mom asked me if I wanted to go to church with her. Now, her asking me to go to church is actually her telling me I have to go. The Catholic guilt a mother can put on her child is endless - so, of course I went to church.

As I was sitting listening to the sermon about starting over and washing away your sins, but just the ash cross, it made me wonder. It seems they always focus on people sinning - when do they focus more on the good things that happen (this excludes Easter and Christmas). Maybe it's more like the news, how you only hear of the negative things that happen. This aside, I also wonder why Fat Tuesday is on Tuesday. Why couldn't it be on a better day, like Saturday. You can get a lot more sinning in on a weekend than you could on a weekday. Just a thought.

Now that my sins are wiped clean, I can start being naughty again. I started by eating meat, twice. And there's always dirty thoughts in my head, so there goes some more sins. How do they make it ok to eat fish on Ash Wednesday and Good Fridays, but not beef? I think they need to revamp their ideals.

So many questions, so few answers. I'll just stick to sinning.



This song isn't anything on how I feel lately, but I had it on repeat this morning.

we could go out dancing
but, in truth it is the last thing that I have on my mind
just say if I'm way out of line
I won't need telling twice