So much news since the last post. I have a new residence. And, Dennis got me my first 'house warming' present: a pineapple. I couldn't think of anything better. Besides the fact I've never had to cut a pineapple, it looks nice sitting on the counter.

I don't have any photos yet, since I've lost one camera that I have the charger to, and the one camera I have, I can't locate its charger...such is life.

*I got to see Wicked last week with Molly. I loved it and I went in thinking I would dislike it very much. Thank you Molly for date night with two different kinds of cheesecake. My love handles appreciate it.

*Mother's Day - I got my mom and sister new purses. My mother's is a little larger than she is used to. No folks, this is not one of those giant, metallic purses with zippers and gadgets coming out of every seam. It's a nice black nylon with peanut leather lining. We smoked ribs, which I ate for the first time in all my 26 years. I only ate them because they were boneless.

*I've been loving this weather - rain, thunder and gloomy days keep my heart warm.

More to come, I will hopefully have photos of my apartment, or even better, you will have to come see it.

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Crystal said...

we have one too and I have no idea how to cut it!