plastic troubles

Why am I not rich?

That's all I really want to know. I mean, I'm rich with family, friends and experiences, but I want to be loaded with money. The funny thing is, I make more at my current job than I have at any other place I've worked - and I've never been more in debt.

How does one get themselves into debt? Well, I still haven't figured out how I did it - but it ass raped me without lube. I won't go into discussion on how much I owe in case my mother reads this and gives me a lecture on my spending habits, but what I can tell you is this is the first time I have put myself on a budget. I hate it. Why can't I buy the things I want? Why do I have to watch what I spend?

I know my debt is minimal compared to some, but I received my credit card bill and not only did it go above an ugly number which happened to be my credit limit, they also raised my APR from 7% to 31%. They put me into penalty pricing way before I penalized. First National Bank can suck my balls on that one!

Several people have told me and Molly the best time of their life was when they were poor/broke living off of ramen. I have a hard time believing that.

I am posting a pretty picture because this is an ugly post. Enjoy.


seven day pass

Yesterday was the last day of our seven day visitor's pass at Lifetime Fitness. I wanted to see what all the hootin' and hollerin' was about this place. I knew from my observations that it reminded me of a Scientology Center, but without the gates around the premises. It's massive - a two story structure that is mostly windows, that at night shines like a beacon in the flat West Omaha land.

My feelings towards Lifetime are good. It's much more clean than my current gym, 24 Hour Fitness, some additional weight machines and free towels. Now, I'm sure you wonder why I care about free towels...well, friends, I sweat like my back has fat and it's excessive. Along with free towels comes a more upscale locker room. The lockers are all wood and come with their own key - no hassle of forgetting your lock at home. Inside this fancy space for men there is a sauna and steam room (with eucalyptus I might add).

While doing cardio, the buttery smells from the cafe linger. This makes me want to skip running for 30 minutes, go downstairs to the cafe and stuff my face with whatever that yummy smell is. During my short stay with Lifetime I visited the cafe once. Selection ranges from shakes to pizzas to MUSCLE MILK*. I enjoyed a strawberry pineapple protein shake, it was halfway to delicious.

It's these little things that make me want to join. But it's back to 24 Hour tonight, where there are no free towels or mouthwatering smells. But then again, I should focus more on my fitness and not the perks...right?

*Everyone knows these people. They are the extremely buff patrons of the gym and you see them a lot of time being social butterflies instead of actually working out. They tend to scream or grunt while doing sets - maybe this helps them lift all the heavy weight. I sometimes think it's because they are exerting so much they might get a hernia. Recently, Dennis and I over heard a body building midget say 'DUDE! WHERE'S YOUR MUSCLE WATER?!' from across the gym. I suppose it's people like this that makes the world go round.


wake up call

Holy shit! I knew daddy had some love in the handles, but when Dennis said the words, 'Ok, you won't like your back picture,' I didn't know how severe it was.

Let's pray this works. I've never had a great body at any time in my life, so in doing this, I hope to acheive something near that. Please be aware that the photo below might not make you want to eat for awhile. But...this is also great motivation...so here I go!

operation: get hot v2

Some time ago I put Operation: Get Hot into affect. Well, it went nowhere fast. This time is different.

Ever since being with Dennis my habits have changed. I go to the gym on a regular basis, I somewhat enjoy running and I don't eat out as often as I used to. Over the summer I saw my body transform from chubba chub to a somewhat healthy physic.

Just when I had the love handles under control, they came back with a revenge. Dennis mentioned last night we need to do something about it...not just me, him as well. We will be changing our diet to more vegetables and protein meats. I have a feeling I will break down and sneak a slice or two of Zio's.

I have decided I will track my progress. I think it will give me motivation to put my love chub on this blog for all to see. You will be the fire under my ass.

This training, or whatever you care to call it, will start after tonight. I previously made a dinner date with Katie at Don & Millie's and I am for sure each cheese frenchies and a chocolate shake - you can't stop me!


what stress?

Being away from work has its pros and cons. The pros are the obvious - play all day, gym time, sleeping in...this can go on and on. The cons are work load.

I've never been one to handle stress. Some people freak out and shut down, some people don't have the slightest bit of stress. For me, I just act like it's not there. Don't get me wrong, I know it's there, but I handle it with a different approach - procrastination. When I'm at a standstill, I might have a quick peek at Post Secret or pick a calming song from my iPod. I know the work is still there...waiting.

Today I had a quad tall americano with 1/2 inch nonfat milk and one packet raw sugar. This drink makes me happy.