pick a glass, preferably a short round one.
add two ice cubes.
and pour, as needed.


fancy a nap

Dan says, 'sleep when you're dead.'

Well, I say I am close to it by the way my engine sounds. I have had a whirlwind of events for the past month that have been undocumented. Let me just say California was grand. Tori was rockin'. And the beach was breathtaking.

Since vacation I have been working every day. I need to slow it up so I can start practicing for the Omaha half-marathon. I know it's only 13 miles, but come on - me running 13 miles is a joke, a sad one at that.

Something random: banzai trees are not as magical as one would think - don't bother with them, even if Mr. Miyagi says so. They draw fruit flies and will creat a madness of mold! The raccoons will have a hay day with that, I'm sure.

We celebrated my mother's 60th birthday the other week. There was a great turnout and she had a good time - that's all that matters. Oh, and wedding cake from Farm House doesn't hurt either.

All I need now, is a cocktail and a nap.