little brazil tour dates

acting like hipsters

Greg told me he wouldn't be able to make it to my 'See You Later' party, but informed me Little Brazil would be playing in LA. I will be pumped to see them in February!

from greg:

Little Brazil will be heading out for about 7 weeks starting Feb. 1st. If we're coming anywhere near your city please stop out! I'll buy you copious amounts of alcohol and provide free unconditional hugs. Then, i'll most likely try to seduce you for a place to stay all while stealing the condiments out of your kitchen cabinets. It doesn't stop there kids! After stealing "said" condiments, I'll try and seduce any pets that you may have at your residence. I have a fetish for birds and fish. It's kinda wierd, but so am I. All that aside, I'd just love the opportunity to see some of your lovely faces! Until then....see you soon!


02/01 Denver CO @ Hi Dive
02/02 Laramie WY @ The Manor with 1090 Club
02/03 Billings MT @ Yellowstone Perk
02/05 Portland OR @ Berbati's Pan with Lillydale
02/06 Seattle WA @ Crocodile with Lillydale
02/07 Eugene OR @ Diablo's
02/08 Oakland CA @ Stork Club
02/09 San Francisco CA @ Bottom of the Hill with Mirah
02/10 Los Angeles CA @ Knitting Factory with Gertie Fox
02/11 Phoenix AZ @ Modified
02/12 Las Cruces NM @ The Bean
02/14 Dallas TX @ Doublewide
02/15 Austin TX @ Mohawk
02/16 Lake Jackson TX @ Civic Center
02/17 Baton Rouge LA @ Spanish Moon
02/18 Birmingham AL @ Bottletree Cafe
02/19 Jacksonville FL @ Jackrabbit's
02/20 Wilmington NC @ Soapbox with Ladyfinger NE
02/21 Washington DC @ Black Cat Backstage
02/23 Oneonta NY @ SUNY Oneonta with Ladyfinger NE
02/24 New York NY @ Cake Shop with Call Me Lightning
02/25 Boston MA @ Middle East Upstairs with Ladyfinger NE
02/26 Philadelphia PA @ Upstairs at Sal's
02/27 Cleveland OH @ Beachland Ballroom with Ladyfinger NE
02/28 Pittsburgh PA @ Garfield Artworks
03/01 Columbus OH @ Andyman's Treehouse with Ladyfinger NE
03/02 Gambier OH @ Kenyon College with Denison Witmer
03/03 Chicago IL @ Beat Kitchen with Ladyfinger NE
03/04 Lansing MI @ Mac's Bar
03/05 Champaign IL @ Void Room at Canopy Club with Say Hi to Your Mom
03/06 Minneapolis MN @ Turf Club
03/09 Des Moines IA @ Vaudeville Mews
03/10 DeKalb IL @ House Cafe
03/11 Dubuque IA @ Busted Lift
03/20 Oklahoma City OK @ Conservatory
03/21 St Louis MO @ Creepy Crawl
03/22 Kansas City MO @ Record Bar
03/23 Omaha NE @ Sokol Underground

countdown: five

I wondered two things this balmy 10 degree morning...

Why do people have their car windows down to smoke when it's freezing cold outside - can't they wait 15 minutes?

And, why when you have your car heat on and you turn a corner, the heat seems to disappear for a short second leaving you in the cold?

Last night Mollie, Matty and I had Farmhouse. We had many laughs - mostly about how I will be staying at a gay/clothing-optional resort when we go to Coachella. But also about all the drama Matty told us about. Since Mollie and I have very little drama in our lives, we like to hear of other people's craziness.

Today is my last day at obi. Ashley brought bagels. And Danelle posted a note above my computer that read:

Jimbo - Please don't leave me... :( OK, fine go! I'll just come and visit every other weekend! :) -Broken Hearted, Danelle Petersen-Schlegelmilch-Ferrin.

I've been here a year and oh, how it's flown. I somehow feel indebted to them because they were the ones who brought me to California two times. In those two times is when I got to meet Asleep. So I can't thank them enough for that experience.

I activated two old bank cards from US Bank. I didn't think they would work, but thank Jebus they did because that will be the bank I'll use out there.

I love talking to Asleep. I never get tired of hearing his stories or his racists remarks - I never get bored. I get more excited when I talk to him about the move - and the things that will happen afterwards - waking up next to each other, making dinner for each other (I hope he likes toast), going to movies together, going to bed with each other - and all the little things in between. It's those things that make me feel like the luckiest guy.


countdown: six

So the countdown of the move to the west begins. Six days left.

Last night I went with Heather to her water weights class. I asked if it was one of those all-women classes, she told me it wasn't. Besides the two life guards I was the only guy, I was also the youngest person there. But I can't complain because jogging and doing scissor kicks in water was fun. I think I was even sweating some, which is hard to tell when you're in water.

After the workout, we decided we should eat some Zio's.

So on the move, I really don't think it's hit me yet that I am moving and will be living many states away from my family. I haven't felt homesick since I stayed with my aunt in Columbus, Nebraska when I was eight (and it was just for a week) - she also got me hooked on All My Children.

I have packed and sent one box out. I have another waiting - which weighs around 50 pounds (and I can only recall DVDs and a pair of shorts in there).

My mom keeps telling me I need to go to Sprint to fix our plan, so I can stop paying $320 every month. I need to go to the bank and switch things over. I need to get my oil changed. I need to call my insurance for my car. I need to get insurance for myself...One thing at a time please.

I just don't want anyone to worry. I don't worry, so they shouldn't. But maybe it's good that someone does.


flashback #1: fac

I had a flashback today while talking about...ummm something...with Ashley in the office today. I say something because I can't remember for the life of me what it was. Anyways, I thought of FAC (Fridays After Class) in Iowa City. They were wonderful times full of early afternoon drinking, card games, good cheeseburgers and fries, and a guy with a guitar who sang any songs you wanted.

During one semester I happened to be the first person to arrive at the bar, which would be somewhere around 12:30 p.m. I would get the tables pushed together for the perfect game of Asshole or Fuck You. Many would trail in behind me...Amy, Laura, Mike, Matt, Mary, Ashley, Erin, Chris, Kristen, Rebecca, Alexis, Gail, Tatum, Megan, Kevin, Darcie, Vanessa, Rob, Daver...and the list continues.

Fond memories were made during these Fridays. Such as...

A girl walking around the bar collecting underwear tags. Amy got excited, reached down the back of my pants and ripped out my underwear tag.

Loosing a drinking game and having to chug several beers.

Stacking each cup - it was always fun to see who had the tallest one.

Mary thinking she got frost bite from sitting next to the doors when it was cold outside.

Signing American Pie with the whole bar.

Having a bad day and having a breakdown after beer #9. The nice waitress asked if I was ok and I shook my head no. Ok, maybe this one isn't such a fond memory.

For a couple weeks we played with a stack of cards Amy purchased. They were of nude males.

Mike, Daver and I thinking we were more hungry than just a cheeseburger. We walked to Hillcrest, but before doing so got high somewhere on campus in a forest-like area on some bench. While getting to the cafeteria (Hillcrest had the best cafeteria on campus, it was much like a delicious buffet you would find in Vegas...ok maybe not that good.) we snuck in so we didn't have to pay. I can only recall blurry vision and several trays of food.

This is all I can remember at this time, which I don't think is half-bad since I can barely remember what I did yesterday. I'm sure if I were to go back today it would be a very different experience. I would think the underage drinkers were annoying with their card games or cup stacking, but I would never be so low as to not try and pick it up one more time. I would wait for Nick Stink to pick up his guitar and we would all sing out of key...A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile...



The limo that resides across the street has been towed.

Now what will we take pictures in front of for birthdays and other great events?

*For those of you who are unaware of what this limo is, it's a circa 1981 white limousine that has been parked directly behind our driveway for the past four to five years.


ripple back to me

This past weekend was a wonderful time. Asleep came to visit the icy midwest with freshly fallen snow.

Seeing him walk out of the airport gates put a smile on my face - which didn't leave until he left. I first took him to see Heather - who seems to be just as concerned as my mom is about me moving. I then introduced him to the wonderful life of Zio's pizza. From there we retreated to our room and only left for ice cream.

The next day we had lunch with my mom. Having met him I was hoping to put her concerns aside - which I think did help somewhat. That evening he got to meet a couple friends over large plates of pasta. After we went to Babe's birthday to bowl.

Sunday was Farmhouse day - where he would taste the most delicious cinnamon roll man has ever made. He also cooked for some family and friends - chicken enchiladas and spanish rice. I can't tell you all, how excited I am to be eating this food regularly in a couple weeks. Hopefully he will be willing to cook - if not, I will have to start thinking up a list of bribs for him.

Monday came too fast. We had a less than mediocre Runza lunch and some laughs on my cloud 9. We had our 'see you laters' which involved me taking in deep breaths of him and exchanging bear hugs - then he flew back to the west.

Sometimes it feels like I'm missing an arm.

...see you in two weeks, arm.

coachella 2007

I will get to attend this amazing event!!!

And you can bet I will be in the middle of Rage Against the Machine's mosh pit. Do they still have mosh pits? Anyways, it will be amazing...Damien Rice, the Roots, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Willie Nelson, the Decemberists, Manu Chao...well anyways, you can see it all up there.

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.



This is why I will miss Ashley.

We first met at a party in Iowa City. I was sitting on A washing machine. We soon became roomates.

It was my first time living with someone other than my parents or sister. We got along and never fought. We had routines that were different from each other's. She had lots of make-up scattered around the bathroom sink. I had a freezer full of frozen pizza and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

The times we would eat at the same time would be had on the couch in the living room. I would eat an entire frozen pizza. She would make something on her George Foreman grill. I would go for dessert with the pint of ice cream. She would stare at me and ask, 'Are you really eating that whole thing?!' I would respond 'I already did,' showing her the empty carton.

Thanks for all the good times from dressing up like Mary and Warren for Halloween to FAC's at Bo James where the cups were stacked 10+ high.


Heather introduced me to PostSecret. Intresting books that have shocking and hurtful things postcards sent in from random people. While mine is neither shocking or hurtful, it's truthful.

Thanks Katie for posting yours.



i'm no lady
but i feel like
i'm the seated woman
watching it sail by
the wind picks it up
i get swept along
swept to the side
it once was good
but now i'll just sit
and watch
watch it sail away

I think the man is as divine as the woman. But I can only go from my own perspective and own experiences. The masculine divineness is pretty ok. Like in the song 'Parasol'. Here a woman has to fight for her way of life. And it's not about a war against terrorists, but a war against a friend, a lover, or a colleague. He doesn't want to respect the choices she makes, the evolution she goes through or the freedom she seeks. He wants to attack her on every level and tries to put her down. This is the problem she has to deal with.
-Tori Amos - OOR Magazine (Dutch), March 2005

then the Seated Woman
with a Parasol
may be the only one
you can’t betray
if I’m the Seated Woman
with a Parasol
I will be safe
in my frame
I will be safe
in my frame
in your House
in your frame

game night

A couple weekends ago Katie invited us to game night after a dinner at Zio's. I love me some games so I accepted the invitation. These are the things I will miss about living here. Calling friends up last minute to have dinner at one of my favorite places and shooting the shit. I have learned to not take these moments for granted. I hold them in my heart and in my thoughts.

As a sidenote, Asleep better get ready for some Twister domination. Because I have discovered I am bad-ass at it.

Thank you Katie for the pictures.


but it's free!

While searching for jobs on craigslist in Long Beach, i came across the 'free' section - because really, who doesn't like free stuff?

Well, I found two ads for free dirt. Yes, that's correct - dirt that is free. I wasn't aware they were starting to charge for something that is basically everywhere - I guess they do that with water.

Brian wants clean dirt though. So he will have to wait. Maybe clean dirt isn't free?

If you are interested in free dirt, you should visit these following links:
free clean dirt
free dirt

perfectly composed

it gets cold
you can see your breath
as you talk
and i like talking to you

then it starts to snow
it falls slow
every single one is different
and i found mine

hexagonal plates fell in the west
funny how it snowed on me there
i let it fall on my tongue
and i knew you were my snowflake


Wow, look at you now
Flowers in the window
It's such a lovely day
And I'm glad that you feel the same
Cause to stand up, out in the crowd
You are one in a million
And I love you so lets watch the flowers grow
Lets watch the flowers grow


bill on the hill

"The Democratic-controlled House Thursday passed a bill bolstering embryonic stem cell research that advocates say shows promise for numerous medical cures."

"...Embryonic stem cells so far are backed by the most promising evidence that one day they might be used to grow replacements for damaged tissue, such as new insulin-producing cells for diabetics or new nerve connections to restore movement after spinal injury."


cup of tea with lucifer

i get fixated on one thing sometimes
just one thing at a time
it can consume me
and i deny it
welcome back to the passive plane
but i am on a continuous learning experience
to get away from such a place
but it's good to tap into what is really in there
darkside or not
take a dance with it
and then let it go
that is beautiful


I wanted to marry Lucifer. Even though I had a crush on Jesus. Lucifer was the brother holding the space for mankind/womankind to act out their fears and hidden secrets, things they won't acknowledge. That's what the shadow is, the side that's been denied, and once you don't dent your shadow anymore then it's not a perversion of that energy source. I don't consider Lucifer an evil force. We can all tap into that free-running current of distorted energy. Some of my girlfriends - liberal London girls - had a problem with the idea that I was writing a song called 'Father Lucifer.' One of them heard it and cried and said, 'You made him so beautiful,' and I said, 'What if he is beautiful?' Shadow defines light. The shadow is where I hang out because I like chasing and diving with those forces. Although I think my mom would like to tag along and have a dance with him because she's been a minister's wife for so long! But this is not Hollywood's view of Lucifer
Tori Amos
Spin - March 1996

go away girls
they go fast
steve mcqueen plays
it takes him
to a place
he saves
pictures of
pictures of
pictures of that day

go away girls
she goes fast
steve mcqueen plays
it takes him
to a place
he saves
pictures of
pictures of
pictures of that day

go away girls
she went far
steve mcqueen plays
it takes him
to a place where
he must
try to bring her back


my tree

i'm going to plant me a tree
with care it will grow
and when it's big enough
i'm going to climb that tree
and watch the city rise
watch the people hustle and bustle
watch the cars race by
watch you chase by
my tree
it will have big branches
strong enough for me to sit
and kick my feet
above your head
because it will be tall enough
for you to not reach me
because once you do
is when the leaves start to turn
and fall
the bark will start to shed
my rings will deteriorate
and i'll be left with nothing
the ground would be my bed
so that's why my branches
will be way above your head

bow down to the taco king

i think everyone should have a chance to eat king taco before they leave this life. it's one of the best places i have ever eaten at. their tacos are the most delicious tacos (asleep's excluded) i have ever tasted. it takes me to a happy place. their hot sauce warms my heart and tingles my lips. mmm...


finding the silver lining

This morning my mom woke me up and told me she was on her way to the hospital because Garrett will be in intensive care for 12 hours and that he has diabetes.

Excuse me? Diabetes? I don’t think so.

I went to visit him this morning and he was sleeping. He looked so little in the bed - with IVs coming from his leg. The first thing that comes to mind is how you wish that was you on the bed instead of him - to take away all the pain and trouble.

Now, he is doing fine and should be able to leave the hospital in two or three days. I can’t thank God enough for that. In the end he will be perfectly fine because he's a super trooper.

Yesterday we celebrated his first birthday, which is actually on January 12th. Future birthdays will be filled with Splenda birthday cakes and vegetable trays. I wish it could be easier for him.


to whom it may concern

I have had this feeling for some time. The feeling led me to Iowa City first. It was mostly because my dad had passed away and I wanted to get away from everything that reminded me of him. But a year there led me back home to Carter Lake.

This time is much different. I have visited California three times. I fell in love with it when I stepped off the plane. I don’t know if it’s because I am from the Midwest, but I still get excited whenever I see a palm tree or the ocean. There’s something so beautiful about them. It puts me in a strangely good mood. The sun is different there too. It’s warmer. I look outside and the smile that appears on my face doesn’t seem to leave.

Now, palm trees and the ocean are great and all, but there is a man there that I also fell in love with – more so than the ocean I must admit. I have never felt like this about someone before. I know I’m not aged or have very much experience in relationships. But any type of love I thought I had felt from someone or for someone is nothing like this. I don’t even know how to explain it. Everything is perfectly in place. The puzzle pieces fit – there’s no misshaped parts and the picture is creates when it’s finished is beautiful.

There’s been no death in the family. I’m not running from anything or anyone. I am moving to Long Beach. This won’t be like last time where I move back home when things turn to shit. I am in a very different place in my life - a healthy, happy place.

This said raises concerns for friends and family. Many of my friends are very supportive for my decisions. Some are very indifferent about things. They have yet to meet Asleep and I can understand their concerns. In past relationships I’ve wanted my friends to meet the guy – to judge him and find his downfalls. With Asleep it’s different. There may be judging and such, but I’m not bringing him to them to pass judgment. It’s on a more mature level.

There’s also concern to some of what happens when we break up or things go bad. Well, I’m not a fortune-teller and can’t tell what will or won’t happen. But the thing is – I’m not worried about those things. Mollie said it best when she said, ‘You don’t show a pregnant woman a picture of a handicapped baby and say ‘this could happen to you.’’ He and I have a mutual understanding of what e will be and how we will love one another.

I’m not scared of my decision to move. I’m not leaving my life here. I’m not leaving my family. That’s the good thing about them – they don’t leave you, they will always be there for me. And family and friends are always a flight away.

I will drive to my new home at the end of February. Now you have a reason to visit the west coast. Thank you to those who don’t find me too crazy for my reasoning. To those who think I am out of my mind or say negative things, I love you too, but stop being a Debbie Downer, I’ve always been supportive of you.


such a great beginning

After keeping a secret for a few weeks, I got to surprise Asleep for New Years Eve. I was a little scared that I wouldn’t make it in time due to all the snow in Omaha and getting late into Phoenix, but I made it to Long Beach about five hours before the 2007 ball dropped. I was so excited to see him and by the look of his face he felt the same. That night I got to meet a number of his family. I was nervous they would have the attitude of ‘who the hell are you?’ But it was the opposite – a few of them knew I was coming and everyone was very cool. Midnight rolled along and my first kiss of the year got to be the boy I went to see.

The days to follow were amazing and went too quickly. Cloud 9 couldn’t have been more comfortable. He says I’m the lazy one, but we both know that he is the lazy one. We ate King Taco twice. We discovered one location has this wonderful spicy nacho cheese. He cooked twice for me. You would think Paula Dean taught him to cook, because it’s so damn good. He doesn’t own a microwave – which I find interesting. I ask, ‘how do you make simple things such as popcorn?’ He says he makes it himself. I had that treat the last night I was there while we were watching Ice Age 2 on couch 9. So good.
We got to see the sunset. True, oil refineries and people were asking us for money, but it was with him and that’s what made it perfect. He makes me feel different – better than anyone has ever made me feel. I don’t even know how to describe it. But it’s basically like having the best orgasm all day long. He makes me feel so good about myself. And MMM he is the sexiest guy alive.

One good thing is he will be here in two weeks. One bad thing is, two months will take too long.

happy new years.

meanwhile, back in long beach

dock wall o'clock

me nut? you nut!