where the snow falls

My last Tori show. I love Denver. I was last there over six years ago. I stayed with Josh and he wanted me to see every inch of Denver in my short time. He did a very good job at it, because I am completely drained of energy. I don't know how people can party so much.

As for the meet and greet, it was really nice. Tori saw me and got excited and gave me a bear hug. I find it amazing she remembers me (but really, who could forget this mug?!). I requested Drive All Night, but it didn't come. What she did play was Not David Bowie - I asked her to play it in Denver because it'd be my last show. It was a very good show. It was pretty mellow, but still rocking. She told a story about how Tash, her seven-year-old asked what it meant to be bisexual. She said, 'Well, you know how we have people on tour that our vegetarians. And how we have people who eat meat. Well, a bisexual is something who likes both and can't make up their mind!' Tash replied with, 'Maybe they're just really hungry.'

I wanted to stay longer, but time said no. So long mountains...and Tori.

Alysa and Josh with me and my new bff.


Downtown Denver.

Downtown Denver with the clock tower in the background...so purdy.


marine wedding

Last night was my friend Chad's wedding. I grew up with him since we were knee high to a pig;s eye. We've lost contact after graduating high school and the last time i saw him was my dad's funeral. I am never one to get emotional at weddings, but this one I was. His brother, also the best man, gave his toast and talked about the war. I think this is where it tugged on my heart strings. Chad did one tour in Iraq. When he got back, they sent him back for a second. The idea behind the toast was that he met Andrea and she said she would wait for him. Simple, yes, but it made me a little teary eyed.

I was pumped to see Chad - it had been almost six years. I ran up to him and got "Holy shit! Jimmy Ferrin!" Then he gave me a bear hug. I told him I wanted to join the Marines so I could wear a uniform like his. He also told me I got tall, but he is taller than I.

While sitting at the table I thought of the trouble we'd get into at school. We sat next to each other in Mr. French's english class and Chad would always get in trouble and the teacher would move him. It's so cool to see someone you know grow up to be such an outstanding person. The goof ball, class clown kind of guy was the last I picture joining the military and fighting for our country. Thank you Chad!


if you listen to judgment
remember they are not jesus
they're just preaching
but not homo-spirituality
you must believe in homo-spirituality


house of collectibles

Tonight Amy, Erin and I went to House of Collectibles. What is this you ask? Well, as first described to me by Amy, it's a store in this woman's basement who sells expensive items, such as glass, candles, Vera Bradly, and so on. Tonight was my first experience, and let's say it wasn't half bad. I did spend more than I had thought I would, but I got someone a VERY nice present out of the deal. I got my chocolate candle (the most delicious scent known to man), a caramel candle, and this rad metal tree thing that holds tea lights. It was a little odd being in a basement with all sorts of knickknacks and a woman thinking my tattoo was that of an eagle. I forgot to sample the free cookies - sad for me, good for my love handles. I will most likely make a trip back when my chocolate candle burns out.


all you have to do is listen

You all need to see this. It will put you in the best mood and even you'll even get a few tears in your eyes. I don't know why I get so emotional over certain things, but this is one of them. Not even halfway through the film I turned to Amy and told her I would be crying by the end. What do you know, I was.


me + a gun

"I don't talk about the details because I can't, but it's freeing to sing that song [Me And A Gun]. I have to go in a trance to sing it. ... It gets exhausting singing it. But there's so much going on that nobody talks about, and I just found that out with myself after so many years of not talking."
Tori Amos - The Washington Post, March 22, 1992

This video has been posted for almost a week (tomorrow). I felt like I should write about it because it seemed to be somewhat of a big deal. It has over 188,500 views, was #2 most viewed for the week (along with 10 other honors), a four-star rating (out of 251 rates), 232 comments, has been favored 325 times, and has been posted by several sites including AOL and Perez Hilton.

I'm thrilled so many people have watched the video and expressed their opinions about it. When I first started filing it I thought it was going to be Blood Roses and had no idea it would go to this extent. I'm not trying to say I'm above it or that I am flaunting in any way, I just thought it needed to be said. Thank you to everyone who watched - who enjoyed it - hated it - felt uncomfortable - and commented.

For more information on rape, please visit RAINN.


so cuddly

Meet Snowflake. Me and Alex's new future pet.

Read here to learn about its story. They're so cute.



santa brought christmas early

I had a feeling Omaha's show was going to be really good. I got to do one more VIP meet and greet. She sound checked Parasol and Spark. Both VIP experiences went pretty good. You could hear her sound check (while waiting to go in to see her) Bug A Martini at least six times, She's Your Cocaine and Raspberry Swirl.

The meet and greet went pretty fast, not many people spent time with her. It was nice to know she remembered my name. This time I was not as nervous. I asked for Not David Bowie (for Denver, because I know she is practicing) and Drive All Night (I love, love this song). She told my friend Mollie and I that she doesn't read gossip magazines or web sites because she has to stay clear. Because you can't associate yourself with that; you can't associate art with that. She turns to Neil for creative advice - bouncing ideas off each other. He can tell her if something might come out in a wrong way, or a way that wasn't intended.

Santa's set was rad. During Bug A Martini she poured the boys drinks with a shaker and even came into the crowd to give the sound guys a drink. Every song in this set was amazing. Secret Spell sounded different tonight too.

Tori's set was really good too. Space Dog's intro was beautiful and slowed down. During Father Lucifer she sang the second verse twice and had the Steve McQueen ending. Lust was gorgeous as was the improv followed by Spring Haze.

I was hoping for Drive All Night during T and Bo, but we got Peeping Tommi (sorry Robert, yay for us). BEAUTIFUL! You need to buy the boot just for this alone. I would have loved Toast after this, but Leather is fun. It is actually my first time hearing this out of all my Tori shows.

Digital Ghost is lovely. Code Red was, as always, rockin'. We rushed the stage, which I'm surprised the venue Nazis didn't stop us. Since they would freak out on you if you even got your cell phone out. So this means no photos or videos. They were fuck heads with the whole thing. But Precious, Tear and Jupiter were on key too. She was smiling during the last songs and in a very good mood.

Thank you for a sweet ass show, Tori. Come back any time you want.

I had the Little Earthquakes flat signed in Lawrence. What she wrote is a reference to the Me and A Gun you tube video.

During the meet and greet she asked what I did in Omaha. Did I tell her about our awesome music scene (Saddle Creek) or other entertaining things to do here? No. I told her we like to eat a lot. She laughed. And said, 'No, what do you do?' I told her I worked at a bank but I am still searching for my path. I'm very far off it and have no clue what to do. I have a feeling this is a reference to what I told her. She is a wonderful woman and I believe actually cares about her fans. I never doubted it, but it definitely shined through these last two days. She put this boy in heaven!


'you're that guy!'

Last night was Tori's Lawrence, KS show - and it was amazing! Heather, Michael, Nancy, and I drove down late morning (we were running behind schedule, thanks to me and my organizational skills). I showed off my rapping skills for everyone in the car and gave them a taste of what a male Lil' Kim would sound like.

At 5 p.m. we got to the venue because we had VIP tickets. Heather and I had platinum and Michael and Nancy had gold. What does this mean? Well, we get to view a portion of Tori's sound check (she checked Spark and Concertina - which she goofed up on a bit - but was still very good), you get a goody bag that has the tour program and no hassle merchandise shopping. For Heather and I we also got to have a meet and greet with Tori. It was so nice. The VIP people were fantastic. They were friendly, didn't make us feel rushed and were totally laid back. John Evans wife (Ali?) was really cool too.

While waiting to talk with Tori in a side room, we all chatted about the protesters. John Evans and Dan Phelps walked through to go see them and came back a short while later. It seemed awkward at times because people were opening their heart up and everyone was five feet away.

When it was my turn I couldn't shut up. I'm a talker. I told her (the usual, I'm sure she hears it all the time) how much her music meant to me, especially during the death of my father. I went on to tell her how bad ass her show at the Vic was in Chicago. She said it needed to be done. I told her I was glad I caught Me and A Gun on video so everyone could see. her eyes got big, "You're that guy?!"
"Ali, come here - this is the guy who filmed the You Tube video." She helped up the poster flat and said to me, "Did you know it was #2 most viewed?"
I said, "Yes, did you know it has over 175,000 views?"
It was funny in a way. Then we talked about the importance of that performance. How she was glad one of the dolls (Pip) could portray it in that way - not as a victim when Tori sings it. But in a way where she is taking a stand against rape and violence. She went on to say how she was glad it made people upset and uncomfortable because we have all become so conditioned and comfortable with rape. We've become numb to it. We wrapped it up after a couple high-fives and hugs and I quickly asked, "where is Not David Bowie?!"
She smiled and said, "We are practicing - it will come!"

The show was so good. It was my first Clyde show. My favorites were Little Amsterdam and Girl Disappearing, it was gorgeous.

Mother Revolution was amazing, strong and powerful. I felt it fit very nicely since the protesters were outside earlier. Caught A Lite Sneeze was really strong as well.

Frog On My Toe was a nice surprise and Mother was beautiful.

Virginia, Fairytale and Code Red together rocked! I was hoping to get one more encore, but she ended at 11 p.m. Jupiter was lovely as always. I never get tired of it.

I think the crowd was good for the most part. You'll run into rowdy people everywhere you go, but this show wasn't bad. What was bad was the drive home. All I wanted was a Diet Coke from McDonald's (and maybe a $1 double cheeseburger), but we passed the only open one in between Lawrence and Omaha. I still made it, thanks to a couple Lil' Kim songs.

Thank you Heather for the kick ass photos.


and so it starts

It started. Well, for me it started - Tori's American Doll Posse tour. I flew to Chicago Saturday evening to catch up with a few friends. I was so pumped - I hadn't seen Tori since Chicago on the Original Sinsuality tour.

The first show at the Auditorium was beautiful. Brian and Alex came with me. At first I had to drag Alex, but I knew he was going to love it. We had really good seats for it being in the balcony. It was directly in the center of the first balcony, just a couple rows back.

The highlights for the first Chicago show were...

Santa's entire set - even Secret Spell. It's so much better that the album version.
Body and Soul - it's just so sexy.
Raspberry Swirl was very nice. It's good to see she keeps her dance moves around.

Everyone Knows the Trouble I've Seen Improv - tnskiper

"Everyone knows the trouble I've seen" improv - it lasted a good three minutes.
I know, I know - not many care for China or Cooling. But tonight was much different. It was the most beautiful versions of the two I have heard. The addition of the 'brambles' on Cooling defiantly steps it up a notch.

I was a little sad to see only one encore. But I knew the next evening would be amazing.

The next night's show was at the Vic. It was quite cozy and filthy - if it can be both. I felt bad for making Brian stand through the entire show while he was sick - but I had pretty good seats (by seats I mean standing position being about 10 feet away from stage).


Pip came out and rocked everyone's faces off. Her entire set was bad ass. It's such raw emotion and energy. Me and A Gun was intense. She killed it for it being the first time with the band. My heart kinda stopped after she pulled the knife and was dragging it all over her body. Her hair sticking to her sweaty neck and chest.

Me and A Gun

Tori's set was also amazing. I love, love, love Liquid Diamonds. I love the new jazz feel she added to it. Her solo set was beautiful. Winter always makes me think of my dad, so it hit the heart strings a bit. After the song when the lights dimmed you could see Tori wiping tears from her eyes. She was afraid of 'fucking up' Happy Phantom so she waved for everyone to sing along.

Digital Ghost was lovely, it makes me think of a certain someone. The closing of Jupiter was phenominal. I could hear it every show and never get tired of it. You know it's good when spit is pouring from her mouth. So hot.

Out of the two shows I would have to say the one at the Vic had more energy. Maybe it was because I was so close. Maybe it was the intense songs from Pip's set. Who knows. I'm just so happy I got to be apart of it.

This is Alex. Isn't he dreamy?

For all the photos I took at the second show, go here.

And, for a fun fact, if you'd like to call it that, the video of Me and A Gun has been viewed 52,538 times on youtube, making it the #3 most viewed music video for the day and the #22 profile viewed. Go me!

Now, onto Lawrence, Omaha and Denver shows...


i need more patches

Last night was Halloween, obviously. I hurried home from work but missed the kids before they left to trick or treat. When they came home they were beat. Gavin was telling Todd that he didn't think he could get anymore candy because his bucket was full. What this really meant was that he was tired and wanted to go home.

Dawn and Todd got Garrett to say 'ARRR' like a pirate. He was so cute. I tried to teach him to say 'ARRR' and give the pirate hook, but he never caught on.

Ellerie was a ghost. I think she kind of looks like a weird Asian boy in this picture, but she was very cute.

Gavin was Venom (NOT Spiderman!). I taught him his web comes from the wrists and not the hand. Dawn told him this same thing, but he listened to me. Maybe because I am the greatest uncle ever.

I thought this was one of the best costumes of the night. I don't know MySpace page's name but he was happy to pose.

Sean was a good looking super hero, of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Dawn said she was casting a spell on my penis. I told her not to!

Brian came in town to visit his parents. Funny how I'll see him in just two days again in Chicago.

I loved Storm. At first I thought it was a real girl, but upon closer inspection it was definitely a boy. Still, his costume was bangin.

Matty was not a robot, and he should have been. He went as a California burn victim. He and Brad won first place. I told him that was bad.

I went as a boy scout. I spent too much money on something I'll wear only once. Unless some fella has a weird fetish of boy scouts, then I can pull it out for another go. Or maybe I could enroll in Boy Scouts. I did it once, well, I was a cub scout, which is basically the same. I don't think I could ever tie a knot. Or sleep a tent without complaining. I did want a lot of patches, or badges, I don't know what they call them. Maybe I'll work on getting some, so I can come back as a better boy scout next year.