happiest day of the year

Today is considered the happiest day of the year. I would tend to disagree. I think you should works towards everyday being the happiest.

Today is a wonderful though. Dennis and I are taking half days at work, so our weekend will start at noon. We will most likely get our new dog this weekend! We're having a cookout at the compound this evening. Tomorrow we will be having a bbq at our house.

According to a psychologist, he developed the formula for the happiest day of the year. His formula doesn't make any damn sense to me, but here it is: O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He (O - outdoors and outdoor activity, N - nature, S - social interaction, Cpm - childhood summer and positive memories, T - temperature, and He - holidays and anticipating time off).

Crazy formula aside, there's so many great things on such a great day. Here's to you best day of the year.


10 commandments of fashion

I know I'm not the most fashionable person, but I do enjoy looking put together. GQ created a list of commandments of fashion every man should follow. I think I do pretty well...

1. Honor thy tailor
2. Thou shalt wear sneakers made for a man
3. Thou shalt invest in the right timepiece
4. Thou shalt match your socks with your suit
5. Thou shalt not wear a tie that is too slim
6. Thou shalt put your wallet on a diet
7. Thou shalt wear the right tie with the right tux
8. Thou shalt wear brown shoes—with nearly everything
9. Thou shalt learn when to cuff ‘em
10. Remember thy undershirt

I do have to disagree with commandment 2, I love my Nike, no one can take that away. Also, I don't usually like cuffed pants (#9).

I do rock a slim wallet (thank you Jack), a nice timepieces (which I usually forget to put on) and I love brown shoes.
I thank GQ, as my fashion bible.


old, but good times

Nancy and I were reminiscing about Molly's blog today. Nancy came across this old post and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was one of those Jimbo/Molly moments were you laugh so hard you cry and you feel like telling everyone you know. Enjoy below.

molly: Oh my gosh Jimmy, I love that picture! Who drew it for you?

jimbo: Umm...that would be Van Gogh.

molly: (silence)

In my defense...the three people who sat behind me in Art History class in college, always debated on how to botch drug tests from their employers. By the end of the semester they had all agreed, ingesting some kind of gelatin concoction was the best way to throw off the results. That is way more interesting...than memorizing slides featuring Van Gogh.


find me a trail

Every time I think about mentioning the price of gas, I think of Molly shaking her head at me, "You sound like you're 80 years-old when you say things like that!"

But it's true. I love my car and I wouldn't trade Alice for anything. I have considered riding my bike to work. By my bike I mean the one I would have to purchase to get my ass to work. With living in my new dig, I haven't calculated how long it would take to get from point A to point B.

That main issue aside, here are other things that would arise from peddling to work:

-I sweat at the drop of a dime. I would most likely start pitting out by just getting on the bike.

-So I sweat, now where do I shower? Some know from not having AC in my car, Mary, for so many years that I definitely need to freshen up when I get to where I'm going. First Data doesn't have showers or really a place to change besides the bathroom.

-There are no good bike trails around my house. The closest trail is Lake Zarinsky and even that isn't very convenient. The nearest trail would be on 156th and Maple and that would involve me driving somewhere just to ride my bike.

Maybe these sound like excuses not to ride. Maybe I need to not bitch as much? All I know is, gas is expensive.