gentleman on the run

Last night was a good night. Or so it started out that way. We had to collect a urine sample from Kora after work to have tests ran to make sure she isn't sick. Come to find out, she just has a loose sphincter, poor thing.

After that fiasco, we went for a run. It started out somewhat nice, but in the end it was so cold my feet went numb. It felt like I was a pirate running on my wooden stumps. On the last quarter of our run we notice two young women trying to fix a tire. Dennis suggested we stop. I suggested we call AAA. I know two shits about changing a tire.

We stop and help them. This is post run where I'm sweating and only wearing a long sleeved shirt and shorts. I think it was a balmy 25 degrees out as well. Homegirl didn't have a doughnut for her car because she informs us she's been through three tires before this. We found ourselves at Wal-Mart getting her a new tire.

We made it home in time for Heroes. It was such a great episode. I get all excited like a school girl when it comes on. I wish it was on every day and not once a week.

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