plastic troubles

Why am I not rich?

That's all I really want to know. I mean, I'm rich with family, friends and experiences, but I want to be loaded with money. The funny thing is, I make more at my current job than I have at any other place I've worked - and I've never been more in debt.

How does one get themselves into debt? Well, I still haven't figured out how I did it - but it ass raped me without lube. I won't go into discussion on how much I owe in case my mother reads this and gives me a lecture on my spending habits, but what I can tell you is this is the first time I have put myself on a budget. I hate it. Why can't I buy the things I want? Why do I have to watch what I spend?

I know my debt is minimal compared to some, but I received my credit card bill and not only did it go above an ugly number which happened to be my credit limit, they also raised my APR from 7% to 31%. They put me into penalty pricing way before I penalized. First National Bank can suck my balls on that one!

Several people have told me and Molly the best time of their life was when they were poor/broke living off of ramen. I have a hard time believing that.

I am posting a pretty picture because this is an ugly post. Enjoy.


Katie said...


Heather B said...

Im calling Jan right now - Ive been warning you about this for YEARS.

But I still love you. Lets go to OG.


molly said...

i just started crying after i read this. gosh, i hate being crazy. hey! at least you aren't crazy. that is worth any amount of money in the world.

Jeff Keesee said...
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