something i don't know

I think we go through stages. well, I don't know if you would call it that. But i don't know what else to call it, so we'll just say stages.

We all have people in our lives who go onto different things and meet new people. Sometimes they stick around, other times not. I'm seeming to have a troubling time with evolving. Growing into something I have no idea what I should be growing into. Guidance is skewed. So are once thought perceptions of people - why can't we all just stay they same? But we can't stay the same, because then life would be boring. Our ideas, conversations, relationships, even friendships all change. Like summer to fall, and fall into winter. This might not makes sense to many of you, but then again, life doesn't make sense.

threads that are golden
don't break easily
-Tori Amos, Horses


ode to facebook

you haven't poked me in awhile
it always gave me a big smile
you haven't poked me in awhile
i feel our relationships' gone mild
you haven't poked me in awhile
i'm in the mood for something wild
you haven't poked me in awhile
press that button, don't be shy
because poking can make one feel sly
come on poke me every now and then
i'll return the favor like a gentleman
so come on poke me don't be shy
click right here and poke me right


dawson's creek random quote #1

Jen: You should stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, it might bleed to death.

Oh, Jen, how you know all about the trails and tribulations of teenage love. True, this bad girl knows a thing or two about romance and in this scene she breaks a young freshman's heart by turning him down.


under the blacklight

I purchased Rilo Kiley's cd Under the Blacklight the other day, and I love it. Yes, it doesn't really sound like anything they've done, but it's a new sound and it will take some getting used to. The only thing I think that could have been better is the length of the songs. It seems there is a lot of chorus and little verses. A favorite of my would be Silver Lining and Breakin' Up, so good. The beats in Blacklight are bomb. And Dejalo makes me shake my moneymaker.

I love you Jenny. Marry me.

and the grass, it was a' tickin'
and the sun was on the rise.
i never felt so wicked,
as when i willed our love to die.

and i was your silver lining, as the story goes.
i was your sliver lining, but now i'm gold.

first day

Today was Gavin's first day of preschool and Ellerie's second da of kindergarten. He seemed thrilled. She seemed like she was going to have a meltdown.

I will always remember the first day riding the bus. It was taking us to a different school in a different city. A city where there would be new people. As you learn after time, new people are good to meet. New cities are fun to visit. Things aren't ever as bad as we think of them. In time, Ellerie will not cry at bus stops, but she will move on to worrying about how good her jeans look with that shirt.



for two people i love...

the photograph reflects,
every streetlight a reminder
nightswimming deserves a quiet night, deserves a quiet night

holy storm batman!

Last night's strong winds seemed to prove too much for some of the trees around my house. The neighbor's tree snapped in two and covered most of the street. One branch seemed to find its way across the street and into the roof of our garage and a small twig into my sister's camper. They say there were no tornadoes, but there must have been more than strong winds through my yard. When I got home from watching Dawson's, it looked like a war took place on 7th Street.

This morning there was cedar on my hands. Hauling and dragging broken branches to the curb. Damaged: hole in roof of house and garage, ripped up fences, the top of a tree, the slide off the kid's swing set, and their trampoline, which, if not stopped by our fence could probably be found at the bottom of the lake.



This is interesting, and kind of pretty. I just love Mandy Moore, I think she is gorgeous.

Is it just me, or is Mandy the only normal girl in the public eye right now? You have all the crazy, drugged up, trying to make a comeback bitches who fog everything up. I think we need more Mandy Moore's.

lawrence, ks

VIP tickets went on sale this morning for Lawrence, KS for November 9. We had thought all Platinum tickets were gone so were purchased Gold. What do you know, Platinum went back up and we purchased those as well.

If anyone would like to come with Heather and I to good ol' Lawrence, you can purchase two (or one) Gold package for OR CTR, Row M, seats 111-112. Oh, come on, you know you want them!

little earthquakes

My eye twitches sometimes. I was surrounded by the thoughts I smash. They decided I would be a good dinner. I decided I wanted 3 bridges in this song.

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes Songbook

There is something really wonderful about this song. Not for the fact the man in the song and her have fights that can tear what they have apart - but for the way the words describe their relationship. Because really, how many times have little earthquakes ripped us in two?

and i hate elevator music
the way we fight
the way i'm left here silent

and i hate disintegration
watching us wither
black winged roses
that safely changed their COLOR

oh these little earthquakes
here we go again
these little earthquakes
doesn't take much to
rip us into pieces

i can't reach you
can't reach you
give me life
give me pain
give me myself again

Below are two versions. Tori's and a guitar man, Julean Rai.



Last night, after I got home from Amy's and checked my email, I heard what sounded like a train outside my window. I look outside to see the wind pushing trees right to left, back to front. I was hoping it would storm! Well, I never wake up for storms, but I did wake up to this outside my kitchen window. It was a little too windy for a tree to the north of us. Rest in peace branch.

As a sidenote of yesterday, Amy and I were at the pool. I have a suspicion wasps have built a nest in the pool basketball thing because there were several swarming around it. They were also swarming around me, I don't care too much for them. I was anxious all pool time. So nervous that one would sting me, I would often run from them and flip off my raft when one would approach or come too near. At one point I thought one was on me, and I flipped off my raft, when I did so I got a knot the size of Montana in my calf. It hurt so bad! Next time I go to the pool, I'm bringing my Raid!


mad rush

It's that time again - Tori Amos ticket sales. Today was the beginning of the pre-sales and VIP tickets. I had Jamie to help me, but people in Chicago and Denver are too fast. I did score some amazing seats for the Omaha show (third row, center - what! what!).

The deal with the VIP tickets sounds like a good one. You get to sit in on her sound check, get to meet her, have great seats, get a gift package, and a few other random things. It better be worth the high ticket price.

The month of November will be a good one for me, a giant Tori fan. I'll be at a couple shows: Chicago, Omaha, Lawrence, and Denver. So if you see me, wave.

art in manila

Last Friday, Art In Manila had their cd release party. They played the entire album. It was a very good show. They were also one of Spin's Artist of the Day last week.

They will be on tour this fall with one of my favorites, Rilo Kiley! Maybe I can get a hug from Jenny Lewis? A boy can hope, can't he?!


birthday girl

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. She turned a very young 58. To celebrate Jan's Kitchen's age gain, Dawn, my sister, and I had family and friends over for pasta and cake.

A day before her birthday, she had thought she was going to be 59. She was a year ahead of herself. That said, she was sad to know she had one less year to go until retirement!

I love this woman. She is amazing. She also puts up with me. You can call me a momma's boy. She does so much for me. I can't thank her enough.

Happy Birthday Mom. Love you.