farewell my white hare

you had me in your seat
taking me from sunrise to sunset
through Arizona's petrified forest
past the Jacob trees
and back around past the cantina

you had me girl
chasing down your rabbit hole
where the music played
the wine flowed
through our wonderland of gold

you were there when my heart was full
and around when it split in two
but it was just me and you
a hare and his boy
marvelous ride of joy

although tomorrow we part
you're always in my heart
tea parties in the dark

so long my lovely hare
farewell my dear Alice


my shade

sludge and grim
I can call you mine
filthy pure
cotton black
is just one thing I lack

welcome to my shade
the dark in the blaze

I hide it well
beneath this angel cloak
until it unravels
into a pile of tarnish
decency is something I lack

welcome to my shade
sordid mesh blade

you've pulled me from my cave
my squalid hiding spot
I've put down my braves
knelt and prayed

now you've seen my shade
won't you sit and stay