This evening my mom took me shopping for my new apartment. She said, 'Well, I suppose I can help you out with things you'll need.' Thanks mom! You rock!

Things purchased for the apartment thus far: pots and pans, ironing board, iron, dented drinking glasses, white and charcoal bath towels, microwave, Kitchen Aid utensils, green striped kitchen rug, orange and green kitchen towels, floor mop/duster thingy - you know the Swifter kind or whatever they're called, toilet brush, containers, glass cutting board, and I'm sure a couple more items that aren't coming to mind.

We took a break from our busy shopping trip and grabbed dinner at Olive Garden. I ate so many bread sticks it was insane. I was good and took more than half of my meal home, because Lord know I can pack it away.

I am so thankful for my mom - she has done so much for me throughout the years and continues to be supportive in any situation. She's seriously the coolest mom ever, hands down.


Crystal said...

Mom's are the BEST!

Nancy said...

I still think you need to get a plunger.