loving love

Miss Love –

I’ll never forget our talks. You were always telling me I need to be ‘getting’ some sugar from all the men.’

You even tried to set me up with some 40 something year-old with a jaguar.
‘Nat, I don’t want some old man!’
‘But honey, he has a fly car!’

I would then ask you about all your men. You kept them close to your chest, and pretended to play them like a deck of cards.

You always made me laugh when you told stories or 'talked' about people. 'Girrrrl, she is tore up!' And I would agree.

Your style, your grace, you had a halo of light around you. I always thought of you as an angel being so perfect. Now you are an angel, so perfect.

We will miss you Nat.

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Danelle The PR Girl... said...

cheers to our angel!