seven day pass

Yesterday was the last day of our seven day visitor's pass at Lifetime Fitness. I wanted to see what all the hootin' and hollerin' was about this place. I knew from my observations that it reminded me of a Scientology Center, but without the gates around the premises. It's massive - a two story structure that is mostly windows, that at night shines like a beacon in the flat West Omaha land.

My feelings towards Lifetime are good. It's much more clean than my current gym, 24 Hour Fitness, some additional weight machines and free towels. Now, I'm sure you wonder why I care about free towels...well, friends, I sweat like my back has fat and it's excessive. Along with free towels comes a more upscale locker room. The lockers are all wood and come with their own key - no hassle of forgetting your lock at home. Inside this fancy space for men there is a sauna and steam room (with eucalyptus I might add).

While doing cardio, the buttery smells from the cafe linger. This makes me want to skip running for 30 minutes, go downstairs to the cafe and stuff my face with whatever that yummy smell is. During my short stay with Lifetime I visited the cafe once. Selection ranges from shakes to pizzas to MUSCLE MILK*. I enjoyed a strawberry pineapple protein shake, it was halfway to delicious.

It's these little things that make me want to join. But it's back to 24 Hour tonight, where there are no free towels or mouthwatering smells. But then again, I should focus more on my fitness and not the perks...right?

*Everyone knows these people. They are the extremely buff patrons of the gym and you see them a lot of time being social butterflies instead of actually working out. They tend to scream or grunt while doing sets - maybe this helps them lift all the heavy weight. I sometimes think it's because they are exerting so much they might get a hernia. Recently, Dennis and I over heard a body building midget say 'DUDE! WHERE'S YOUR MUSCLE WATER?!' from across the gym. I suppose it's people like this that makes the world go round.


Katie said...

Stupid 24-hour that rips people off and doesn't offer free towels. It's just the closest public gym to me by a long shot.

Nancy said...

This post is really funny. I may have to get a visitor pass, so that I can see the buff patrons.