runner no. 911

I had my first official race on Monday. This was the 5 Mile Boys Town Memorial Day Run. I wasn't prepared for it but Dennis said we'd do ok. I'd like to say, he was good and I made it through. I was happy I ran the entire race, if you consider running so slow a turtle could pass you running. Below is my ranking - I did mediocre for overall placing but my age division sucks balls.

Distance: 5M
Time: 46:28
Pace: 9:18
Overall Place: 596 of 1190
Place in Gender: 397 of 597
Division M25-29 Place: 49 of 74

One thing I hated was the end of the race where everyone cheers for you. I was happy it was almost over, but all the people gave me anxiety - and I thought I was going to vomit. I thought I might die if I make it to the finish line and throw up my protein bar as they take my time.

it glows in the dark

This past weekend Dennis and I went to Chicago to see Kanye West's Glow In The Dark tour. I'll write more about the trip later, but wanted to say a few words about the show first.

The crowd was eclectic - white boys who thought they were the bomb, girls in dresses so short I swear I saw crotch, the black guys with bling, and the queers. We missed Lupe Fiasco, which I'm not heartbroken by. NERD was better than their Omaha performance a couple months ago, but maybe that was because of the looming pot smoke. Rihanna was awesome. She came out in a crazy black dress singing my favorite song off her new album, Breakin Dishes. She also sang the popular ones - SOS and a rock version of Umbrella.

I was expecting Kanye to be amazing. Mind-blowing. Out of the world! But, I didn't get what I expected. Maybe it's the fact I don't care for people who have large egos and are full of shit. Someone who loves them self so much that they are the only one on stage for the entire performance and who refer to themselves as the biggest star in the universe. Molly tells me I live in unicorn land at times. For Kanye, I think he has permanent residence. This is not to say I didn't enjoy myself. I can't say I'm a huge Kanye fan, but I did like some of the songs I knew - I Wonder, Stronger, Gold Digger and a few others. I just wish he would be a little more humble at times.

The time spent after the concert was Dennis and I figuring out for an hour and a half that no cabs came near the United center and taking a bus to the Loop and catching the Red line, almost pissing our pants and getting a cab back home. It was our own glow in the dark, space adventure in the city.


interesting cocktail

Over the weekend a new cocktail was invented. This was too far out there to have been mixed before.

Ingredients include: apple vodka, coke, orange juice, cherry pop rocks, and one tea bag.

The coke turns it a brownish color, while the orange juice and pop rocks make it very flavorful. You'd be surprised by its taste and it will leave you wanting more.

You can also follow this drink by your shot of choice and pop rocks. It's quite tasty.


go me!

Yesterday Dennis and I ran the larger portion of Lake Zorinksky. I've never been able to run the whole way through until last evening. To give you background on my issues with running, they are as follow: my head gets a lot of pressure built up that it feels like it could explode, it feels like someone is pulling down on my collarbone, I produce a large amount of saliva when I run.

Usually I stop one or two times in the five mile trek, but yesterday I went the whole way. Go me! I hugged Dennis because I felt like I accomplished something great. In my eyes, I did. Now, who wants ice cream?


open book

i know you won’t keep me in the dark
missing pages in your open book
i find
under kisses
around hugs
in lips
temperature changes
as the wind blows
through the branches
of a naked tree
under your kisses
around your hugs
in your lips
are your missing pages
that i fail to see
photo by jk



Sunday was a good day, Mother's Day. I don't see my mom much anymore, but I think of her everyday. She was happy to see we made her dinner and sangria. The lasagna was good, but I needed to improve my recipe of the sangria. I will let you know how that comes along. The kids are getting so big and so smart. Ellerie is reading books by herself. Gavin has discovered an online game where you can buy and sell stuff for your room (much like The Sims). And Garrett is talking non-stop and is really developing his own self.
For Mother's Day, I treated my mom and Dawn to two hours at Serenity Day Spa. It was a present I would love for myself, but I know they need it much more than me. It was nice to have Dennis there as well, his family doesn't really celebrate this day so he came with. The kids adore him and he gets them into trouble with using words such as poopey.
I think Mother's need more than just a day, at least my mom does. She is such an amazing, loving, caring, understanding woman. One I would never exchange for another. I couldn't ask for a better Mother.
Thank you mom.


mary #1

i’m not ready for the waves
keep them there
by the sand
in your hair
with sea breeze care

let me be
i can’t trek rock
i’ll skin my knees
keep the shells
and all her bells

dust me off
let things slide
put me back in the hive
with the queen
and the honey
where things are slow