dog breath

So it begins, again. The horrid heat of summer. I don't know if you can call it heat, it's more like sun temperatures, white hot. So humid you could cut the air with a knife. Thank Jebus for my morning iced coffee (1 inch nonfat milk, no ice, please) from whatever coffee shop I'm closest to. Although, Crane doesn't seem to understand the concept of iced coffee and looks at me in a stupor when I request it.

I need pool time, very soon, with cocktail in hand. I like the heat, but humidity makes me feel like I'm in the jungle. Even Pee Man is tired of it. I went for a run around the lake yesterday and it felt like I was breathing in oven air. Dog breath I say!

On a different note, we will be walking in the Carter Lake Parade for JDRF and I have a wedding on Saturday. I would enjoy wearing the blue linen suit that is available at Banana, but I believe I would only wear it once. Such is life.

Also on a second note, I need to gather people for a house warming of sorts. Keep your eyes open for details.


Katie said...

Yes!! House-warming party!

Nancy said...

i love pee man.... bring him to my cube for a visit!