golfing buddies

Tomorrow is Amy's birthday. This past Saturday we all celebrated it in a special way - golf theme. We all were in polos and khakis (minus two people - Mike and Rick) and some even had cute hats.

Here is how it goes...
There are nine holes of golf - each bar represents a hole.
You have one drink per hole.
You have a set par you need to drink your beverage in
(example: par 3, you need to have you drink down in three gulps).

Create Your Own

As and end result, you find yourself bordering on intoxicated. It was very good times.

Happy Birthday Amy!


gay robot

This is probably one of the funniest videos I've seen.

Gay Robot

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Later bulges!

houses and hotels

Yesterday Babe and I had a day of fun. We ate at House of Lee, played Monopoly and grilled out with the family.

One wonderful thing about Monopoly is the fact that I won. I never win at that game. Never! Not only did I win by a landslide, I owned three hotels (on the orange) and nine houses (on the yellow). I also had about $4,500 in cash as well. The funny thing is the amount of time Babe went to jail. I believe she made it there six times or so. Good times, good times.


what else is there?

Thank you Noah for putting this in my ear.

It's about you and the sun
A morning run
The story of my maker
What I have and what I ache for

I've got a golden ear

I cut and I spear
And what else is there


sea you

from lattes to cash
caramel syrup to routing numbers
the smell of milk to money

so long siren
i'll always love you
with your two tails
and wavy hair covering your breasts
always smirking in green on the front of the cup

sea you...

small reunion

This year...

Last year...

True, we were missing two folks and we were on a different continent, but we were still having good times.

The other evening Katie, Andria and I went to EspaƱa for tapas. Then we caught an acoustic show at Mick's with Sleep Said the Monster and Landon from Little Brazil. I plan to catch more shows of SStM because they were pretty bangin'.

Katie and I ran into Greg. We chatted how we were in London at this time. That night one year ago was pub crawl night (the photo above), so we thought a slight reenactment was in order.

To Katie, I hope the red wine washed out of your white pants. Some things just don't go together. You should never live without white pants in the spring and summer, but you should also never live without red wine (all seasons of the year).



new leaves

here is to turning new leaves.

no more dragging history behind me with lock and chain.
no more feeling responsible for reactions.
no more ugly situations.

here is to the new road.
a much higher, guiltless one.
more clear and less cluttered.



Thank you Noah for grouping me with good people.

You better holiday in Chicago. I will brush up on my guide skills.


kids these days

Gavin: Uncle Jimmy, you have boobs.

Me: Um, what?

Dawn: Gavin, those are called nipples.

Gavin: Oh, well yours are bigger than mine.



snake in the grass
see how he slithers

there's a snake in the grass
see how he betrays

your mind changes like the wind
your mood like the faucet

there's a snake in my garden
you're killing the fruit

snake get out of my garden
keep with you the unsent letters

hide it away with your truths
hide it away with your nude beaches

flown by

My, how it's flown. Thanks to Katie for reminding me it has been one year since our trip took place. One year since I have graduated from school. One year full of ups and downs.

You may or may not keep in touch with every special person that has made you laugh, made you cry, seen you make a fool of yourself, enjoyed your first white beer with, try to figure out crappy phone cards to call home, pay for internet in a shady cafe, almost get abducted by men in a van, who grind their teeth in their sleep, takes the longest in the bathroom, who takes pictures of every single thing (but are so thankful they capture those moments), who you can vent to, cry to, smile to, gossip to, eat steak and ale pie with, get lost on the tubes with, ride the eye with, see a crazy girl purchase a set of knives at a square along with a kimono, play street tennis with, and last and very importantly, get lost in strange cities together - because without them, you would be lost by yourself, and not with the people you were meant to be lost with.

I couldn't think of better people to get lost with.


on the move

This past weekend I went down to St. Louis to help my friend Brian move. He had a lot of miles to spend since his job is flying everywhere, so he brought me down. While in St Louis, we ate at a very nice deli and went to the zoo. I always love visiting zoos, and this one is free, which fit my budget so well. Lord knows why we went when it was raining. But my favorite was the penguins. They had a four foot wall of glass that separated us from the birds. So close you could touch them. It was amazing.

Then came the actual move. What seemed like thousands of boxes to carry three stories, were actually under 10. But we did haul out two couches and other large objects. The moving truck had a funny picture on it with a stick figure yelling at their couch, saying: Moving Tip #72 - it's ok to curse at heavy furniture.

This patriotic pine tree air freshener was on the inside. Go America!

We made it to Chicago. After a five and a half hour trek going at a top speed of 55 mph. Unloading was better than loading. That night we ate Burger King. A nasty hamburger never tasted so glorious.

The next morning made up for the night before dinner. We met Kristin and Tiffany at Bongo Room. Only eating their twice now, it has become my favorite breakfast spot in Chicago.

I had the sweet potato puree with black beans, scrambled eggs, sour cream, and salsa. It was amazing.

After brunch was shopping. Why shopping? I don't have any money!

After shopping we went to see Matt at his new place. Hello section 8 housing (a little over a block away from him). His new apartment was very nice and had a kick ass roof to party on.

Later that evening I had dinner with Megan and Kevin. We went to a wonderful tapas place called Ba-Ba-Reeba!

I can't wait until their wedding in October. It will be glorious I tell you. After that I had drinks with my friend Mark where he let me vent. Thank you.

Monday evening I headed to Midway only to find my flight delayed an hour. It never fails, I have always had flight delays leaving Chicago. The one time it was on time was when I woke up 30 minutes before my flight left.

While in the airport I paid $7 for internet because I was too tired to read a book. I saw a lady drop her baby on the cement floor. It was very sad, but the baby seemed to be fine.

I have everyone asking when I am moving to Chicago. Yes, I have talked about it since the first time I went to visit. Well folks, I am not moving for some time. But I will definitely visit every chance I get. And when I do move, Ashley better get ready to have a roommate for a second go.

good times

I am keeping my fingers crossed for...

If you'd like to join, let me know. We could make a road trip out of it. As well as a camping trip.


plastic success

I am piecing a potion
To combat your poison

How can people be as shady as they are? Sneaky, they practice ill movements. Throw blame at others, when really they are just trying to cover their own ass.

I'm not running any show other than my own. So, with that said, what I say comes from just this one source. But what I do know, from how I run the show and how the (wo)man runs the show is very different. I try to be honest, but end up looking gullible. I put sweat into it, but it can look as though I'm slacking.

To the (wo)man: You're a pussy. You hide behind your own fears and failures. You strut your shit all over town. You should be smarter than that. You're a success whore. But your success isn't quite what it should be. You stab people in their back and make them feel the blame - while the knife is still in. Your army is weak and your supply drained and in the hole. Maybe you can call on your rich friends, get them to fly you out of the mess you made with their private jet.


round up the posse

On Tuesday, I made sure my alarm woke me in time to be one of the first people in line to purchase the new Tori Amos album, American Doll Posse.

After walking out the door with it, I tear rip the plastic off and start thumbing through the 36-page booklet that accompanies it. All beautiful pictures of the five girls: Tori, Pip, Clyde, Isabel, and Santa. Click on their links to go to each of their blogs.

On ADP Tori graces us with 23 tracks. These aren't lame songs that are all light in mood and boring lyrics. These songs are reminiscent of her past works of Boys For Pele, From the Choirgirl Hotel and To Venus and Back. Homegirl brought back guitar on many of the tracks and she is rowdy again. Below are some bangin' lyrics...

Yo George
Is this just the madness of King George
Yo George
Well you have the whole nation
on all fours

Teenage Hustling
But you been skankin' around
with your talentless trash
You only shoot blanks
at your cocksure best
me and my Teenage Hustling

Father's Son
Stead boy watch them pray
To you I suspect
If you keep my flesh firm
I'll ready those sacraments

Programmable Soda
Think of me as programmable soda
'cause I've come
I've come to accept that
for lovelies you are a fanatic
But I can't
I can't let that throw me
into a genital panic

Almost Rosey
Now about when violet died
The cause still unidentified
She thought her love would be enough
But you can't seduce seduction

Her tentacles of endless want
Reach through my corridors
and tempt me to taste of her power
I sober with the witching hour

And when I hear of one more bomb
Yes we have all been robbed of song
and nightingales who throw their arms up
When is enough enough?

Dark Side of the Sun
So how many young men have to lay down
their life and their love of their woman
for some sick promise of a heaven

In closing I urge you to go out an buy ADP as soon as you can. Not because I'm a rabid Tori fan, but because this is an amazing album I know you'll enjoy.