I finally have it. My Tree of Knowledge. This may not be the best photo of it, but you get the idea. It took 3.5 hours (1.5 of him drawing it free-hand). I love it. Oh, trees.


windy wedding

Last weekend I attended Meghan and Kevin's wedding in Chicago. It was a wonderful time. Everything was beautiful - from the bride to the decorations, and down to caramel apples as a gift to the guests. Open bar found me with my short off showing Ashley and a few select others my new tattoo. The only thing that could have been better was to hear Bette Davis Eyes and shake my groove thing to it.

That night Alex and I found an iPhone in our cab. I made him give it back. He also ate a breakfast sandwhich from 7-11. Not having those here made me worry that he was eating something with 'egg' in it. I have always thought of them as gas stations, but they are a step above.

The next day we went to one of my favorites, Bongo Room. Alex thought Wicker Park as trashy and ghetto. I happen to enjoy it. That night we went to have dinner with the group and headed over to Wrigleyville for drinks. It was insanely busy and we saw lots of people dressed at bananas.

Every time I visit Chicago I get an itch to move there. Maybe that itch will go away, maybe not. Maybe someday (soon?) I will become a resident. Anyways, congrats Meghan and Kevin!


oh, daisy!

According to The iPod Death Clock, my lady has about 282 days and 9 minutes left before her battery bites the dust.

You just enter your serial number and answer how much you use it and if it's been dropped and it gives you the remaining time of your iPod's life. I hope they are wrong!


just one more

I am going to one more Tori show! She added a second Chicago date! It's general admission so that means first come first serve. I'll be all up in her wig.


sexy beast

I am in love with this man. He definitely hurts me. Not only is he easy on the eyes he is an amazing designer.

Go here to see his bum and to read bits from his recent article in Out.

Go Joe!

Congratulations to my cousin Joe who was voted first in Carter Lake's City Council. He won the race with 17.2% of votes.


blue ball cheese balls

I love this woman.

rocket man

Saturday evening I took my mom on a date to see Elton John. Even though I live at home I never spend any time with her. So I thought this would be perfect.

After parking we herded ourselves with thousands of others up the stairs to scan our tickets. As we walked past the gates I made awkward eye contact with two men who were standing and staring. As we walk past them, they stop us.

"Are you guys big Elton fans?"
"Is this your sister?"
"Oh yeah right!" (Jan)
"Where are your seats?"
"Somewhere behind the stage."
"Is that the best you could do?"
Baffled as to how to respond, "I guess?"
"Well how would you like two front row tickets!?"

It was pretty amazing. I wasn't sure if I should believe the men or not. We made our way to the bottom of the arena and to the front. Never have I had such great tickets to a concert before (Little Brazil, Art In Manila and Margot excluded). He came out a little past 8 with Funeral For A Friend. Just beautiful. I was still in awe with the seats and couldn't believe he was only 12 paces away from me.

My favorite past of the show was during Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Rocket Man (which had a rockin' jam session in the middle of it and lasted over 10 minutes) and Daniel. All three in a row and three of my favorites. Those songs to me tug on my heart strings for different reasons. He dedicated Tiny Dancer to all the ladies in the audience and did the original Candle In The Wind.

The last six songs or so he waved to the front rows to come closer to the stage - you didn't have to ask us twice. He came back for one encore - and took time to sign things for people for about 10 minutes or so. I got a ticket stub signed. Yes, I felt like a 14-year old-girl at a Justin Timberlake concert. He ended with Your Song. AMAZING!

Thank you to the men who gave us the front row tickets. I never caught his name, but he was Elton's personal flight attendant.

After he left the stage, he hopped in a car that was waiting for him and took him away. I left one happy fella.

*Thanks to Gina for the photos.