homo weekend

Last weekend Asleep and I went out to bars for the first time me moving here. It involved strange karaoke gay bars (which had free popcorn), me getting drunk, meeting Asleep's friends, and not remember going home.

From what I remember, I enjoyed his friends.


unemployment diaries - runyon canyon

I checked my myspace on Wednesday morning to see a comment from Meleah asking if I would like to look for celebrities. Having no job and being a little intrigued by spotting a few celebrities I took her up on the idea. I was nervous though - this would be the first time driving on the freeway by myself. Meleah lives in Santa Monica which is only about 30-40 minutes away (on a clear drive). I put my iPod on shuffle and got on the 405. I made it in one piece.

She said we could walk her boyfriend, John-Michael's dog Milo at Runyon Canyon - a celebrity hot spot.

We did see one pseudo celeb - Dave Holmes.

After the hike and a bite to eat we headed over to get Meleah's front bumper fixed. The guy who was helping us was interesting. And what was an hour seemed like six. In that hour we learned that he was married to an international lawyer, surfs the breaks at Venice Beach, dirt bikes, is exceptionally good at karate, has a house in the hills that is 6,000 square feet, and has two children - a boy and a girl, who is in 6th grade and will soon be a black belt. He loved to talk about how 'cool' he was - I think it was a complex his Marine father gave him when he was younger, very similar to little man syndrome.

Then came the drive home. What took 40 minutes to get there took two hours to get back. The bumper to bumper traffic, which Asleep warned me about, gave me what I think was an anxiety attack - a shortness of breath and shaking in my arms and legs. I came home and crashed on couch 9 with my baby. It felt so good to be home.

unemployment diaries

I have been lazy not posting blogs, so I apologize. I have also been without camera for two months, so I had to survive sans Betty. Thanks to Asleep, I have a new camera!!! Thank you so much baby. You're the best.

California life is quite lovely. The weather is perfect. The beach is near. I live with a very sexy man (that's the best part). The only thing I am lacking is employment. I have never not had a job, so I feel excited to do whatever I want. At the same time, I feel like I am a lazy pile. While being unemployed, there is one thing I have mastered, the art of being lazy.


it's almost time for church

Tori will release American Doll Posse on May 1st. She will kick off her major tour on May 28th in Rome. More dates to come.

This makes me one happy boy!!! Let's pray she tours most of California.


hot magma

Last night was a lazy night - we watched Science of Sleep - which was really good, and we we ordered in pizza. I like those kind of nights.

When we were heading to bed, my volcano hurt to the point where I could barely walk anymore. It had erupted - sick, I know. The doctor said the shot would 'localize the infection and BOOM.' This was my boom. After bleeding like a virgin's first time, I could walk normal again. I could move around without crawling and do my happy dance, much like the one below.


As a present, Asleep gave me a book this morning. The title fits my volcano situation well.


help me

I went to the doctor today, sans insurance. I recieved a shot in my ass - let's hope that fixes things.

I can't sit.
I can't walk.
I can barely lie still.
This pain is almost as worse as when I had knee surgery.

I need help and a lot of meds.


my funny valentine

I love Valentine's day. I love giving presents. I love love. I woke up to a rose and a card in the bathroom with candy hearts scattered around. I move into the living room and see a giant heart-shaped I Love You balloon and a lot more roses. By the vase is a bear that you can record voices in - when its hand is pressed you hear Asleep yelling, 'You're so lazy!' All over the house are candy hearts - by the computer, by the television, on the kitchen counter, in the refrigerator, and on the chest.

Asleep came home and graced me with gifts along with his precense - a hanging plant (for the balcony), a robe and boxers that has a man with a remote saying, 'I wish I knew how to quit you!' He made us an amazing dinner - tostadas and spanish rice (and you can't forget the King Taco hot sauce).

Thank you baby for everything. You make everyday feel like Valentine's Day.

Making the night complete was this (watch the video). It makes me laugh.


keep it up

Nancy messaged me today saying how she is blogging more since I've been away. I thanked her - and thank all of you. Yes, it's only been a week since I've been at my new home, but I love reading about you since I may not get to chat with you everyday - Your words make me feel closer to you and take place of lunches, dinners and drinks...until then.

meeting the momma

Yesterday afternoon I got to meet Asleep's mom, Francisca for the first time. I was nervous, but I have a strange urge to play card games with her. We walked in to four children playing and watching Spanish cartoons. Gordo and Estella were there - I had met them over New Years Eve. Estella and I watched Strangers With Candy together and Gordo was too scared to talk to me. The kids warmed up to me right away. We played hang man on the computer and I taught them the hand slapping game (where the person on the bottom flips their hands up to slap the other's hands). Hector, Asleep's brother came downstairs for a brief moment and told me I look like Ashton Kutcher and that I also dress like him from That 70s Show. I beg to differ.

Asleep's mom was wonderful. She was soft spoken and shorter than I had imagined. I told her I like her new car - she told me I can't drive it. She also wanted to see my ingrown hair - I told her she can't drive it, and refused to show her. This was all done by relay of message through Asleep.

*For those reading, I currently have a volcano-sized ingrown hair on my ass. The pain scale is about an 8.5 (10 being the worst). I can't sit and I can't walk right. It's putting a damper in my always sunny life. We went to CVS to have the pharmacist tell us that it may result in surgery to remove - if we feel comfortable we can cut it out, or have a doctor do it. Now, I love Asleep, I just don't know if I want him cutting open my ass cheek. This is why I need medical insurance.

While Asleep was sitting next to his mom, she told him his hair needed brushed. She got a comb and brushed only half of it - I think she figured there was way too much of it. She then suggested he need mousse for it but I didn't see any mousse action. She offered me a pair of shoes that Asleep's cousin dropped off - slightly worn but I would take them. They are white and blue Nike Air's (I'm sure Michael could inform me of the correct name of them).

We left after an hour or so of visiting. I hope to go back soon. His mom is nice - and she gave me a cool pair of shoes. Maybe next time I go back she will have a Swiss Army watch for me? I can wish, can't I?

a piece of omaha in hollywood

On Saturday night, Asleep and I went to the Knitting Factory to see Greg's band Little Brazil perform. This was my first time driving through LA - I did pretty good I must say. Before the show, we ate King Taco in East LA.

A funny thing I thought to myself about is the ratio of Mexicans to me. There may have been over 50 people there - all Mexicans and me. Back home, this would maybe make me uncomfortable. But here I didn't see it until the very end while I was waiting for Asleep. I still have no idea what people are saying when they speak Spanish - I can, however, pick up on smaller words which excites me and makes me feel smart.

We arrive at the venue, near Janice Dickenson's 'modeling agency.' Greg found me when I walked though the door and we started conversation. While at the bar, an extremely annoying drunk girl found her way to our circle. She was wondering if we were in bands - because Asleep had longer hair and a beard, I had shorter hair and a beard, Greg had longer hair and no beard. She was drunk and apparently from Austin, Texas. She informed us she lived down the block from Willie Nelson - she would stand on her porch and yell 'Willie!' Somewhere in between her not shutting up and poking Asleep in the chest, we broke for the bathrooms. The other side of the venue had a heavy metal band.

Little Brazil went on and played all new songs from their second cd. They rocked, of course. After their set Dan was selling merchandise - he recognized me and knew who I was which was nice. We left with their new cd and a sticker which is now stuck on top Asleep's laptop.

Before leaving, Texas invited us back to her place a couple blocks over. She also asked Greg fro drugs. The first person I talk to while I am here and she ends up to be a doozy. Such is life.


something 'bout the open road

Once again, Asleep made videos of our moving experience. Here they are in case you haven't visited his site yet.

Road Trippers

I'm A Ho. You're A Ho. Navajo.

Mama, He Can Rap! --- This one is embarrassing!

Poop Talk

unemployment day #4

I have been in my new home three days. In these three days, Asleep has worked everyday, and I have 'unpacked.' I am starting to get restless, mainly because I don't know where I am. I can stores to shop at, but I have to save my money since I don't have a job. I can find the beach, which is something I will do today. I found the grocery store. I never understood how Mollie could always go to the grocery store - but now I see why. It's very calming. Walking up and down the isles, thinking only of the food in front of you. It takes your mind off things. For me - it is taking my mind off being restless.

I went to Gap yesterday, they weren't hiring. I had an urge to throw in 'Well, I've worked with the company five years, so...' - but I decided against it.

I am going to see Little Brazil tonight at the Knitting Factory. I will be happy to see someone I know. I texted Greg and told him to play Bette Davis Eyes. I doubt they will because of the text I received back from Greg saying 'Ha.' It's always worth a try. Asleep is going to have me drive to the show - this should be interesting. If we survive me driving through Hollywood, then you will know by tomorrow's post.


come on, pleeaase...

Me: Hey baby, let's adopt a dog.

Asleep: I already adopted two turtles and a boy - what else do you want?!

This made me laugh this morning when pet adoption was brought up on a morning talk show.

There are so many sites with pet adoption - so please keep these in mind whenever making a new friend purchase.

moving: part dos

This is a day late or two, so I apologize.

The second part of moving was good. My favorite state to drive through was Arizona. We got to drive through two national forests - the trees were so big and green! We also drove through mountains. I don't understand how people can go 90 mph through twists and turns, ups and downs.

On our way out of Arizona Asleep spotted a Whataburger - we barely made the exit, but he got what he had been wanting for two days.

The drive was fine until the last few hours. I was dead tired and wanted to be out of the car. Thank Jebus Asleep wasn't as tired so he could drive. We made it home around 10 p.m.

The best surprise was the photos he put in frames of me and my friends...Katie, you have a frame all to yourself!

Apollo and Martha had a clean tank, we ate chili cheeseburgers and went to bed. It was so nice to be back on cloud 9 - especially with Asleep. I slept so good - until 6 a.m. when Asleep had to go to work (boooo!).

I unpacked, watched Trans America and he came home with King Taco. We went to Target and then to see Epic Movie. It was a great first day!

This morning we planted our pine tree. I think it's seen better days, but hopefully Max pulls through. I am going to apply for jobs today - I am going with low responsibility, I think I deserve a little break.


moving: part uno

I hate driving in a car for long periods of time. But with Asleep it's so fun. I did get a little irritable when I was tired and hungry - Mollie you know how I can get. We made it into Santa Fe, New Mexico. While driving across the border, we saw a shooting star - my first time ever!
I also had Chik-Fila for the first time which made me think of Danelle. I didn't have the sweet tea though. Asleep also ran into a crazy bitch driver and he flipped her off the entire time she was yelling at him. I just looked the other way.

Asleep says hello everyone. We have about 7-10 more hours of driving. He better get his singing voice ready!


countdown: one

It's hard to sleep when you have so much on your mind.

And i have a lot of different emotions - everything from happy to sad. Having those two at the same time is really tricky. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Last night we had a small gathering with my family. Some of them are crazy and like to drink which can be used for great entertainment. Anthony explained some of his wrestling moves. My mom made amazing lasagna and bbq pulled chicken. I will miss the compound grill outs a lot.

This morning my mom gave me a card. In it was my dad's St. Christopher chain. [Enter stream of tears.] She said he always thought it kept him safe and how it will do the same for me. Funny thing is, I was just thinking yesterday how I wanted to find a St. Christopher chain before my move. Strange how those things work out.

I pick Asleep up at the airport in 30 minutes. He makes me so happy. I am very ready for this. It's insane to think of and I am pretty sure it will hit me in about a week. I am taking him to Zio's to meet a couple people and waving a see you later to them. Tomorrow is moving day and the start of something amazing.


countdown: two

Packing is no fun.

I got to hang out with my mom a little today. We ran some errands and had lunch. It felt good to be with her.

Last night I had my 'See You Later' party. So many good people came...well all that came were good. Ashley gave me our Halloween photo from several years ago - she was Mary and I was Warren from Something About Mary. I looked like a wee lad. Then Mollie, Katie, Danelle, Meredith and Ashley all pitched in to get me one of Cory's pieces! It's one I have always wanted because it reminds me of Alice In Wonderland...I'm not sure why, but it's beautiful. Thank you so much everyone!!! And please forgive me if I left anyone out...I was tipsy when you all gave it to me. But thank you again for coming out. And the night wasn't complete until I saw pierced nipples, thank you T.

Tonight we are having a family get together before I leave. I would post pictures, but my camera is broken.

The days are colliding into one another. It's a landslide of chores, cleaning and trying to remember the important things. Cross your fingers that everything will fit into Alice.


countdown: three

-- Do I Have --
Of course I have,
Beneath my raincoat,
I have your photographs.
And the sun on your
I'm freezing that frame

And somewhere Alfie cries
and says "Enjoy his every smile
You can see in the dark
Through the eyes of Laura Mars"
-- How did it go so fast --
you'll say as we are looking back
and then we'll understand
we held gold dust in our hands


I really love this song. It makes me think of all the things you shouldn't take for granted. Every time I am having dinner with my family. Playing with the kids. Having a drink or two with friends. Laughing about the past. All those things I keep in my heart. It's my gold dust.

Asleep told me to get an emergency kit for the trip. I finally purchased one last night. It's heavy and includes the following:
Reflective strip on back (of bag) alerts oncoming vehicles
AAA double sided carry bag w/ AAA zipper pulls
AAA membership brochure
Heavy duty 10' 8G booster cable w/ vinyl coated 300AMP clamps
Heavy duty tow rope
Flashlight hand charge 2 LED
Pair of gloves w/ dimples for better gripping
Emergency poncho --- I can't wait to wear this!
2-in-1 screwdriver
Bungee cord
Duct tape
Shop clothes
First aid supplies

So in case my care ever flies off a ravine, I think we will be ok, thanks to my AAA emergency kit! The only thing I feel it's lacking is road flares, I really want to have a small Fourth of July in February.

It feels a little more real that I am moving. Due to the fact I had maybe 10 diet coke's at dinner, I couldn't sleep last night - so I packed. I folded down all of my clothes and put them in the space-saver thingys my mom bought for me. I hope they work as good as they say they do. I also have started pre-moving in - my first box of things arrived at Asleep's work yesterday. I asked if he wanted to open it and see what was in there. He said 'no.' I wondered why he didn't want to look through it. Because, I don't care whose box it is - I would want to look in and see their belongings they mailed to me. He eventually did. He wondered I had so many belts. I can't answer that question, only because I'm not really sure why I have about 20 belts ranging in color and style.

Before my big purchase of my emergency kit, Heather, Jamie, Michael and I ate at Olive Garden. I am pretty sure out waitress was strung out on something not legal. During the evening of carbs, she called us the following names: Shower Head (directed at Jamie), Egg Heads, AK, and several others that may be in the urban dictionary - as she would call us those names she would look at us with her beady eyes with pouted lips. She would also tell us 'NO' when we asked for a refill, joking of course only to bring us a new soda.

*I found it odd how she called us those names, so I looked them up in the Urban Dictionary. Funny to see how each name we were called is in there.

Shower Head:
1. oral sex given to a male while showering with a sexual partner.
2. something you use to jack off with...or...girls jack off with.

Egg Head:
1. An overly intellectual person; someone who thinks too much.

5. A shortened term how the AK-47, a widely available assualt rifle popular with thugs, urban criminals and terrorists.


countdown: four

Love is like oxygen
Love is a many splendored thing
Love lifts us up where we belong
All you need is love!
-Ewan Mcgregor - Elephant Love Medley

Soon I will have a new movie buddy. For the most part we have the same tastes in films. There's one type of movie that I enjoy more than he - love stories. I'm a sucker for a love story, I'm not sure where it came from or why, but I don't mind the occasional 'chick flick' or movie where you already know the ending of happily ever after. And chances are, I will cry at some point during them - just as I do in every episode of Grey's Anatomy.

One of my most favorite movies is Moulin Rouge. Yes it's a love story, but does it have a happy ending? Not so much. But every time I hear Come What May I get emotional. Or when I hear The Police's Tango de Roxanne I get the chills - by far my favorite scene. Kylie Minogue as the Green Fairy is rad.

I will most likely make Asleep watch this with me, I don't think he has a choice in this one. He will also have to put up with my singing during it as well.

In some ways, I feel my relationship with Asleep is like a love movie where you already know the ending of happily ever after - and I love that.