oh, give me a world
where caterpillars smoke
evil queens run with axes
give me a make believe world

tea parties everyday
we're late for one now
let's hop to the next one
in our dream world of fun


It's a sad thing. I don't know nearly as much as I should about this election. Yes, I know it's a very important one, as are all elections, but I am just out of the loop. I know the basics. I know who I dislike and who I will vote for. But I am always thinking I might be missing something in the elections. Am I voting for the wrong one? I know I can't be the only one in this boat. There's so much politics. So much shit everywhere. I've come to the realization that everyone must lie. All I know is, I want to save the polar bears and I don't want a woman in office who always winks.



There was no sleeping in Saturday morning. The girls woke at an early 8 a.m. and we decided we would head to the Japanese Gardens. We had a little trouble getting there so we found a Starbucks and got our morning fuel. They didn't know how to get to where we needed, for they were worthless at directions.

We arrived to turning leaves of bright yellow. Two rows of them. It looked like a photograph. We made our way up the gravel path to the entrance. Inside was amazing. Picture perfect scenery. Trees of all shapes, colors and sizes - I was in Tree Heaven!

It was one of those places where you couldn't take enough pictures. Inside there were five gardens: The Flat Garden, Strolling Pond Garden, The Tea Garden, Natural Garden, and Sand and Stone Garden. While in the several gardens there were many photo ops - prom pictures, bridge poses and countless more. I'm sure to the other visitors we looked like damn fools.

If/when I make it back to Portland I will definitely come back to visit the Gardens. It was so peaceful. It was the perfect time to go with the leaves changing color and a slight chill in the air.


lots of trees and a waterfall

We returned from Portland today. We celebrated Chelsea's birthday BWAP style. For those who are unaware of what BWAP is, it's Birthday Weekend At Portland. I know what you're thinking, 'At Portland' makes no sense. We originally celebrated Nes' birthday, BWALT - Birthday Weekend At Lake Tahoe, and it made sense to keep 'At.'

Anyways, I digress. The trip got off to a bad start with our flight to Denver being cancled. We ended up driving ourselves to Des Moines, Iowa to make it to Portland that evening. Our connecting flight was at O'Hare. There, we made friends with Paul and Jordan, local residents of Portland. With our flight being delayed we found ourselves in an airport bar with Chelsea yelling "It's my birthday!" to everyone. We boarded the plane, Chelsea saw a penis under Paul's coat lit by the light of his cell phone, and Dennis and I napped.

I will blog individually about our experiences while in Portland. But I will say, it's a very beautiful city filled with lots of what seemed like earthy people, and I liked that. We saw a drag show that had been around for over 30 years, male strippers who were raping the innocent, a China town gas station with locked everything, Chelsea poop every five minutes, and an angry cyclist. My favorites were the Japanese Gardens and The Grotto, both so beautiful.

Our flight home was also a doozy. No one had us down on a flight so we fought with Frontier to find us a way back to Des Moines, where my car was parked. Thank you Frontier Girl who helped us.

Happy Birthday Chelsea, I hope BWAP was everything you'd hoped for.


southern belle

Ashley J Webb - Thank you for being fabulous. She found herself on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently and lovely photos are displayed.

I texted her this morning to let her know how fly she is. She told me to come to Atlanta. I fear she might make me stay, working as her competitor in a gay real estate agency - a dream job she has for me.

BEST FIND: "A beautiful black vintage dress for only $18 at Stefan's Vintage Clothing store in Little Five Points. "I loved it when I tried it on but I didn't know if I'd ever find a place to wear it. . . I was about to put it back when the friend I was with made me buy it. God bless her! Besides, it was only $18! What was I thinking? I feel like I'm Audrey Hepburn every time I wear it."

good news

Tori had a great article discussing her play, The Light Princess, her new DVD and an upcoming album!
The rad news about the album is that each song will be tied to its own short film. That makes me excited.
"The National Theatre [with whom she's in talks] has been more open-minded than anyone I could have worked with on Broadway, but everything has to be approved by committee, and I have to tell you that not everyone is aboard my Bösendorfer rocket-ship. They can pull out and this musical may never be staged, but I don't want to be writing for a fuddy-duddy audience."


happy brithday

blow out all your candles dad.

love you.

i kissed a boy

...and I liked it so much that I want to get married! OK, maybe not quite yet! But, I love how the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples can marry. Rock on. This make the third state to rule in favor for gay marriage. California and Massachusetts is also on the wagon. Let's hope all states follow in this path.


This has been floating around for awhile and I think it's cute and alarmingly correct.


This is so Jurassic Park!

If anyone is clueless as to why this is like my favorite childhood film, I shall explain. In Jurassic Park, dinosaurs started reproducing in the wild because their DNA was cloned from that of a frogs. Certain frogs can adapt to harsh changes, such as turning into male and female.

I think that is crazy. Chivalry is dead in the shark world.



I thought I would like Sarah Palin, but she proves to me everyday something is wrong with her. The thought of a beauty queen in the Oval Office sounded nice. But watching her interviews, with her stumbling over her words, makes her seem dim and idiotic.
First off, she thinks homosexuality is a choice. Second, she thinks if a 15 year-old girl is raped by her father, that she should get counselling and not an abortion. Last, she is all for oil drilling and doesn't think global warming is greatly impacted by man.
Sarah, you're supposed to be acting as our mother. Someone to nurture our country back to health. Where's your feminist views? Is it in the oil-polluted waters of Alaska?