dog...or cat?

We have an issue. Our dog is terrified - of everything. People, noises, shadows, imaginary things - everything freaks her out. She is in classes now to teach her to sit, come, roll over, all those things they learn in class. But our dog isn't the average dog. We can't reward her because she's sometimes too scared to take treats. She isn't so much a dog you can play with, but a house cat that will try anything to get out of your way.

Should we take her back? If we take her back we would have to return her to the rescue place, which seems more like doggy hell. It's quite sad at Towne and Country. I would recommend never rescuing a dog from there - because they lie and the suck at life. I would feel bad for taking her back, but keeping her is difficult. Watching your every move so she doesn't freak out and run into a wall. Even so much as opening a jar will make her run.

What should we do? Are we failures for wanting to give up? I feel bad, but our dog is special needs and we need to fix it! I want a dog I can play with and will love me! is that too much to ask?


big buys

So this past week has been one of large purchases. Included are:
More photos of a finished room will follow. All I have to say is, thank God for the no interest until 2010 NFM card.


please god

God - grant me patience. I need them more than ever.

I've never really had to be patient about anything. I'm used to getting my way as the wind blows. This time is different. Grab some good wine and listen to some music. Time will pass. Inhale, let it out.

Keep breathing.


first day of class

Kora had her first day of the Manners N' More class. We tried to teach her to sit, which was unsuccessful; to come when we call her name, which was unsuccessful; and to look at us in the eyes, which, as you guessed, was unsuccessful.

I assume she was on overload with other dogs in the room, but with a dog who is supposed to be one of the more intelligent of breeds, she made us think otherwise.

Keep your fingers crossed she will learn new things because homegirl is testing my patience.

birthday girl

Friday was My mom's birthday. Dawn, Dennis and I celebrated by taking her to lunch at M's Pub. It was tasty tasty. That evening Dennis made everyone Tacos and we watched Indian Jones.

Last night we had a party at the compound. My mom looked like an alcoholic with all the wine she received as presents. That lady does enjoy the drink.

Dawn made a Dump Cake. It's ingredients make a delicious dessert: white cake, pineapple, cherries, and lots of sugar! She also made a watermelon drink. All I know is it was all alcohol and it was good.

We tried to teach people floppy lips. Gavin can't do it yet. Garrett just spits everywhere. Todd's mom had the best ones.

Gavin: Call a vet because these are sick puppies!

My mom is an amazing woman. That's all there is to it. Here's to many more birthdays.