touch me

Meet Ginger. This gal is my new phone, and she likes to be touched. I got it yesterday and I'm still trying to get the hang of her. She's a tricky one. The only thing I wish Ginger had was buttons like the iPhone because this T9 shit pops up and it takes me forever to get it off. I'm not bitter though, it'll just take some time. Buying her did mean signing another two-year contract with Sprint, and I think we know how everyone feels about them!


brrr chilly

Why does the Midwest have to be so cold? I mean, there's cold, and then there's Omaha. I guess I shouldn't complain, we could have 10 feet of snow and not be near a Target.

Anyways, this past week was a doozy. I worked 63 hours. I never thought I was even awake for that long. We also had a threat that a customer was going to bring a gun and hold everyone hostage. Now, I know a lot of people are all talk, but with what happened recently, I don't put it past people anymore.

I took two dance/work out classes with Katie - a boot-skootin' country boogie and a hip hop one. I learned I am a white man with no rhythm . Maybe I just need to go a couple more times, but the instructor wanted DRAMA. My arms and moves can't give you drama, honey.

I wrote everyone Christmas cards, but they are sitting on my desk. Some with out addresses, others I'm debating even sending. You see, two people forgot to wish me a happy birthday. I'm not one to hold grudges, but it really pissed me off. I had one unexpected birthday wish, which was nice. Thank you everyone for the presents.

I cleaned my room yesterday. It had about 19 piles of clean and dirty clothes all over the place. I'm in a much better mood when I have a clean room.


one quarter

In about one hour I'll be 25. What does that mean? Well...I have a mediocre job. I'm not too excited about it. I have good friends. That makes me happy. I recently discovered HyVee carries HoeGaarden - that makes me very happy! I got to travel a lot, another swell thing. All in all, I'd sad 25 isn't looking too bad. I would say cheaper insurance, but that isn't something I pay attention to. Maybe at 25 I will start. Maybe I will get a better job, a meaningful one. Or maybe I will stay aloof and off path. It seems to have worked so far.

Tonight I had dinner with Mary. I love her. We don't get to hang out much and we both live in the same city. Poor excuses! Anyways, dinner was delicious (M's Pub) and on our way out we talked to a very nice Norwegian man who was in town for a wedding. He asked us about Wal-Mart and we told him to stay away. He wouldn't stop talking to us in the 20 degree weather, but I figured it must be a lot colder in Norway, so it doesn't bother him. Tomorrow he is going to some tennis deal at the Qwest center, which he seemed thrilled about. He told us about Vegas and how it's only $20 for a lap dance, as opposed to $100 back home. Oh, the stories of a Norwegian. I wanted to put him in my pocket and keep him for my birthday present, but that might be weird.

If this seems a little dark, I apologize - I get to work 55 hours this week and I have clothes in the wash machine that need taken out. Do you think that will happen? I think both you and I know it won't. Happy birthday to me!


find your star

you can find your star
if you close your eyes
when things go black
and you see blood
on his hands
what do the young ones know
not much
besides wanting to make a statement
like it's the new trend
he lost his star
but they can still find theirs
they're up there
i pray you find your star



i like you best
stripped down
where the brushes don't touch you
where the crazies turn their backs
when you wake up
with sleep in your eyes
with your hair disheveled
when the truth pours from the lips
you come from the bible belt
with horses and a ranch
you're somewhere now
with gloss and fags
come back from the other side
to my side
where it's molasses and sweet
where i can see the old you
i'd like to see the old you

what is a bisexual?

This is a story Tori told in Denver about her daughter asking about bisexuals.