The new cover for Tori Amos' Abnormally Attracted To Sin. Please disregard Perez's squiggles.
I wonder if this album will have a big band feel to it? She did do the cover of You Belong To Me. We shall see, she surpises everytime.

Although this photo is bad ass, it is not the new album cover. Tori's camp isn't even involved with this photo. I wonder when it was taken or what it was supposed to be used for? From the look of her eyebrows, it must be circa 2001, Strange Little Girl era. Maybe we will never know.

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Maegan said...

Hey that picture is a fake altogether.

It would be cool if they would go in this direction with the album art but we shall see!

photoshopped from the original:


they just kinda plopped tori's face in there