I’m taking the pieces down
brick by brick
pulling back the overgrown vines
wrapped, coiled, dead

hands dirty
each day it’s crumbling down
my stone fortress will be
gone, destroyed, in ruins

racing to green fields
sun burning bright
your soul warming my light
found, reactivated, changing



You know Coco, the woman with the ass rack, who can wear a bikini (or not) like it's a pair of everyday clothing. Well, she wrote her own mystery novel - I say novel loosely.

I'm not sure what this book is about, but I hope it has something to do with a stripper rocking a camel toe in search of a sexy party gone wrong type of murder.

Cheers to you Coco!

Oh, to purchase a copy of Angel, go here.


siamese combat

broken egg shells
cuts on my feet
I've disrupted the filtered balance
and there's no exit by tip toe

quite the battle
Mind and Reason take turns
Unhinged is pulling through
we'll smoke them out

put down your axe
it's not meant for me
siamese combat
never coming out ahead

outracing Fickle
'he isn't you' tattooed on my sleeve
doesn't mean you're not worth the fight
we'll smoke this out