ahhh big booty

Ever since summer ended when the weather grows cold, then colder, then unbearable, and I no longer run outside, I've gained weight. No, not seven pounds like the lovely Ms. Gordon, I went from 170-ish to much higher. Much higher being 199. When I saw that number I told myself, "It's either time to start getting your ass into the gym again or save for lipo." Since lipo is not in the budget and I already have a gym membership, I opted for working out.

Molly told me before my 21st birthday I would no longer be able to eat entire frozen pizzas (my drug of choice was Digiorno's or Freschetta pepperoni). I could eat a whole pizza and not feel the affects of it. Well, 21 hit and I couldn't eat the whole thing, but I could eat half of it! Now, at 26 I can eat maybe 2 slices. Oh, metabolism, where art thou? I can't seem to kick the weight I gained. True I am just not getting back into going to the gym on a regular basis so that should help. Plus the weather is nicer and I have been running around the lake.

After the tornado the other day I found myself in Complete Nutrition looking at fat burners. I have always prided myself on never taking any pills other than vitamins. But I've thrown that pride wayside for now. The very enthusiastic sales associate told me about ShredSTACK. Let's hope it works and doesn't give me a heart attack. I'm on my second day of taking it and so far feel fine. I've dropped a couple pounds already in the past week, but I think that is mostly due to depression - the best diet ever.
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