new chapter

I searched for my first apartment ever last week. I called one person and looked at two different places. I picked the second and was approved. The girl who lives there currently is selling her washer and dryer for $100 and they are only two years old. She doesn't want to move them, I wouldn't either.

I move in the 20th of April. I am excited because I've never had to do this myself. I am sad because of a relationship ending. I am scared that I will actually be responsible for myself - something I've never had to worry about.

The good things that come out of this are: I will be living next to Amy, there are lots of trees around me, I am close to downtown, Amy and I will dominate the patio in between our apartments, and I'm closer to my family by just a little.


Katie said...

And you're not in butt-f*ck Egypt! Welcome back to civilization: Midtown.

Crystal said...

So excited for you! If you need help with anything let me know :)