free rice

This is very cool.

print work

Last year Katie asked me to help Metro out with their fall campaign, or maybe it was winter. Anyways, I helped them. I had to dress in business attire and wear my glasses.

While at lunch a couple weeks ago with Nicki and Joe, from work, we were sitting in this Mexican restaurant waiting to order our food. Nicki glances towards the front windows and asked, "Jimmy, why are you in that poster?"

I gave her a crazy, confused look. I too look at the front window, and there I am. I hadn't seen any of the Metro ads that I was in except a small one in the Reader. It makes me laugh. So what else could I do but steal it and hang it up in the back room at work. The funny thing about the poster is that one side is in English, the other in Spanish. Has anyone else noticed that I am the whitest guy alive?

All this makes me think of a story. While in college and in SPO, I brought Danny from the Real World. Molly, Mark and I took him out to lunch after his event. Molly, the question-asker she is asked what he does for a job when he isn't touring colleges. He replied with 'print work.' She asked who he wrote for and he said he didn't write, he did print work. We were all lost. Come to find out, print work is also modeling, but just a fancier name.

So now I can start telling people I do print work. What! What!

baby food

Heather posted this on her blog, I've been to lazy to write anything so here is something she wrote about our evening awhile ago.


Tonight, I met Jimmy for dinner.

Upon meeting in the crowded lobby of one our long time haunts, we both started blabbing away.
Him about being tired and working too much, me about being tired ... of being tired.

After realizing there was no where to sit actually IN the lobby, we made our way to the bar hoping to find 2 open seats. No such luck.

It was then, after we turned around again to face the lobby, did we come face to face to what can only be described as an uncomfortable situation. A woman was breastfeeding her toddler a mere 5 ft in front of us - if that.

Now, to be clear, I don't have a huge problem with breastfeeding in public. But at that particular second, after a long, stressful day at work - the last thing I want to be confronted with is a stranger's boob in the middle of a crowded Olive Garden.

Just as I turned to Jimmy to give him "the eyes," he said something beautiful: "Hey the thingy is going off!"

As we walked away I asked if he caught sight of the little miracle taking place before us. In true Jimmy fashion, he summed it up best - "Hey, we all gotta eat."


Now, my take on public breast feeding is that I don't want to see it. I know it's natural and everything, but at the same time, me taking a shit is also natural. Do you see me taking craps in the waiting area of Olive Garden? I didn't think so.



I am over winter. A light snow is nice. Some cold weather where it gives you a chill is also lovely - mainly because you can wear sweaters and scarves. But this cold-to-the-bone, crippling, snot-freezing, "i fucking hate this," run to your car after you get out of the movie kind of weather has got to end. Come on global warming, you make it unbearable in the summer and make us freeze our balls off in the winter. Make up your mind and find a happy medium.

That aside, I saw Sweeny Todd with a small portion of the London group. It was good. I think any story is a good story with music and blood in it. The music is catchy and the make-up and costumes were wonderful. Everyone need to see this.

I also caught a trailer for a new movie called 'The Ruins.' It looks crazy! I'm a sucker for a scary movie, until I actually have to sit and watch it, then I bite all my nails and stare at my crotch the entire movie.


birthday, birthday

Happy birthday to Garrett and Nancy! I asked Garrett what he wanted for his birthday, he told me he wanted M & M's and snowmen. Now, anyone who wants M & M's for anything is my kind of person, but I still have no idea what to get him...

And tonight we are headed to My Way for Nancy's celebrations, I hear they have shuffleboard!