operation: get hot v2

Some time ago I put Operation: Get Hot into affect. Well, it went nowhere fast. This time is different.

Ever since being with Dennis my habits have changed. I go to the gym on a regular basis, I somewhat enjoy running and I don't eat out as often as I used to. Over the summer I saw my body transform from chubba chub to a somewhat healthy physic.

Just when I had the love handles under control, they came back with a revenge. Dennis mentioned last night we need to do something about it...not just me, him as well. We will be changing our diet to more vegetables and protein meats. I have a feeling I will break down and sneak a slice or two of Zio's.

I have decided I will track my progress. I think it will give me motivation to put my love chub on this blog for all to see. You will be the fire under my ass.

This training, or whatever you care to call it, will start after tonight. I previously made a dinner date with Katie at Don & Millie's and I am for sure each cheese frenchies and a chocolate shake - you can't stop me!

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Katie said...

This is our binge night! And then tomorrow I'll start a diet too. :) I got sexy back in June, but come January my love handles are back too! Oh life...