birthday twins

Happy birthday Mark and Katie! Maybe your candles be on separate cakes and you receive lots of gifts.


backwards talk

i am full of snot. how attractive is that?
i feel like i am the gross kid in class that nobody wants to sit next to.
i would like you all to say a little prayer at night, wishing me to be well by morning.
why by morning, you ask?
well, i am in need of a run and some exercise.
i hate 'resting' for too long of a period.
and i just am tired of feeling like a pile of shit.

dawn and todd are close to putting in a pool.
i was helping todd tonight with moving dirt from point a to b.
my labor resulted in a blister next to my left thumb.

i ate mcdonald's and godfather's pizza today.
i thought to myself, why do i eat the unhealthy food
when i can't taste it?

my chin gets infected when the hair grows wrong on it,
resulting with infected hair follicles.
this might be why i am sick.
once again, i'm the gross kid.
my uncle will told me to shave with a single blade instead of three.
i told him i live by the mach 3 - he told me to stop.
he went into how the military has been dealing with this problem for years.
they shave with a single blade.
i tried.
it felt like it was ripping flesh.
i'll stick with my mach 3.

i am getting more comfortable with my co-workers.
i have never mentioned them here.
i work with many-a-latinas and two white girls.
after a month of working with them i have only picked up one phrase:
algo mas = is there anything else i can get for you?
i would like to know another language,
but spanish is not one of them.
it is more like third or fourth on my list.

i read margot and the nuclear so and so's will be in kansas city
august 2.
i am going.
they are also coming out with a new album.
prepare yourselves to have your mind blown.

someone from half a year ago is finding their way back in.
i like that.

i went to nebraska furniture mart today.
my camera will soon be fixed -
i hope videos and photos will result.

if you don't have rufus wainwright's new album
release the stars,
go buy it.
no questions asked.

is anyone else as pumped as i am for transformers (the movie)?
i think i tinkle every time i see a preview.

i finally have insurance.
aren't a big kid now?!

alright, i will spare you anything else that is random.

glass harmony gallery

Corey will be opening his gallery doors this Friday evening! From a source (i.e. Katie), I hear he has been working on lots of new pieces. I will most likely purchase another, because really, who doesn't need endless amounts of blown glass?

Friday, June 29
7 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Glass Harmony Gallery
50th & Saddle Creek (Next to O'Leavers)
Omaha, NE


cruel/devils and gods

I thought these videos were rad, so here the are.

Tori played as Santa - Cruel (played like the Plugged 98 version)

Tori played as Isabel - Tubular Bells followed by Devils and Gods (starts around 2:15)
*The album version of Devils and Gods contains only the first verse. But Tori added lyrics as she started rehearsing for tour.

Devils and Gods now that’s an idea
But if we believe that it’s They who decide
That’s the ultimate detractor of crimes
‘cause Devils and Gods
They are You and I
Devils and Gods
They are You and I
Devils and Gods
Safe and Inside
Rebels as Gods
So Are they out there?
one would surmise that this must be the case
Some are not ok
with what’s taken place
long ago
A covenant made
On earth long ago a covenant made that
One could not rule
but all would partake
Devils can hide inside an idea
Placed there by Gods for you to think like this
If I were dead would he love me then?
That then begins a secret death wish
That then begins your secret death wish
You’ll gain his love
but too cold to kiss
Oh don’t let this lady lay
Don’t make this lady lie
No don’t let this lady lay
Don’t make this lady lie
Devils and Gods now that’s an idea
But if we believe that it’s They who decide
That’s the ultimate detractor of crimes
‘cause Devils and Gods
They are You and I
Devils and Gods
They are You and I
Devils and Gods
Safe and Inside


lobster anyone?

Happy birthday Michael! Today was his birthday. I baked a cake and it turned out surprisingly good. His mom made an amazing lunch. And we went swimming most of the day - jumped in and did cannonballs. We all came out red. We dined at PF Changs. And ended the evening with a movie. It was a perfect day to have a birthday!



Nancy and Michael invited me to a concert at Sokol Underground. They have told me to come to this months ago. I was excited when Michael said Heiruspecs is his favorite band. Their set was pretty awesome. I enjoyed them.

Positions of Strength

It was lovely seeing Nancy. I haven't seen her since Michael's graduation party. She was bangin'.


everybody love the mall!

Justin Timberlake stole 'Rock Your Body.' Robin Sparkles totally had it first!


ben harper

Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals
with The Nightwatchman
06.09.07 Stir Cove
Council Bluffs, IA

Last night's Ben Harper show was heavy. It was beautiful weather and a good vibe. Smoke surfaced the tops of heads. Beer poured from cups - the cove cooler was also a tasty treat.

• Both Sides Of The Gun
• Diamonds On The Inside
• Steal My Kisses
• Gold To Me
• Wicked Man
• Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating
• I've Got A Woman (Ray Charles)
• Morning Yearning
• Waiting For You
• Ground On Down
• Good Times, Bad Times
• Burn One Down
• With My Own Two Hands

Encore I:
• Another Lonely Day
• Walk Away

Encore II:
• Forever
• Masters Of War with Tom Morello (Bob Dylan)
• Amen Omen
• Black Rain
• Better Way
• Get Up, Stand Up
• Glory & Consequence



Thursday evening, a new Omaha bar/venue had a soft opening. I was excited to go because Bright Eyes was playing a surprise show. My first impression of Slowdown was 'HOLY SHIT!' The place is amazing.

I went back again Friday evening to see five bands play:
Cap Gun Coup
Flowers Forever
Now, Archimedes
Art in Manila - This was my first time seeing one of Corey's bands. They rocked it.
Little Brazil - They definitely rocked my face off last night.

Tonight, another five bands play, but I will be at Ben Harper.
Mal Madrigal
The Terminals
Lady Finger
Bear Country
Neva Dinova

Another awesome show at an awesome bar. One of the best things it also has to offer is their collection of board games and a photo booth, so rad.

*Photos from Lazy-i.


wash away

i sea you
lapping on my shores
several times a day
i sea you
and hear of your strategies
they don't work
your just water on my shores
just wash away
wash away
wash away


smokey joe

Tori is currently on tour in Europe. She performed the song in her opening set.

a songless robin
she became
he stole my sister Clitorides
these silken rubber gloves
choking his vitriolic tongue

new births

This past week, Gina has decided to take other paths - ones that don't include blogging.

This same week another was born. Welcome Jason to the world of your own words.


sweet escape

I've had such a wonderful evening. Ashley invited me to go with her to see Gwen Stefani tonight. I was worried it wouldn't be very good from the performances on the night shows I've seen of her - but this was awesome. It was much like a No Doubt show - sans band members. She gave the same energy and had an amazing voice (no faking the vocals here).

Some of the highlights for me were:
Holla Back Girl
Rich Girl
Sweet Escape
Early Winter
What You Waiting For - which was by far the best of the whole night.

We did happen to sit next to the one person who brought pot and decided to smoke it around 10-year-olds. She was crazy and kept giving us high-fives during the show. The girls to my left also gave me a high-five - I think for my continuous dancing, singing and screaming. Thank you Ashley for letting me go with. Ben Harper here we come.



The queerest of the queer
The strangest of the strange
The coldest of the cool
The lamest of the lame
The numbest of the dumb
I hate to see you here
You choke behind a smile
A fake behind the fear
The queerest of the queer
The strangest of the strange
The coldest of the cool
You're nothing special here
A fake behind the fear
The queerest of the queer