wrapping up

The year 2006 has been a very busy one for me. Many people are listing their favorite cd releases of 2006, or a monthly play-by-play. For me, I am horrible with time. I am good at remembering the small details, but somehow losing memory of the larger ones (especially when retelling stories).

But I wanted to compile some sort of list, that gave a brief idea of what I did this past year. In no particular order things will be listed.

I went to London and France. No, I didn't see any underpants. But I went with wonderful people who will always be in my heart and in my presence. This was the first time I crossed an ocean. Part of my heart was left there. In the buildings. In the cobble streets. In the pub around the way. In a pint at that pub. In the churches. In the museums. It is there.

A new nephew. In January my sister had her third child. Garrett Jonathan. He is so beautiful. Just this past month he has learned to walk. My sister told me if she talks about having another kid to punch her in her face.

I graduated from college. Five years of classes. My first year was horrible after achieving a GPA of 1.8. The following year I went to University of Iowa and didn't do much better. The last three years of my college experience was at University of Nebraska Omaha. I love that place. I loved my journalism professors most. You can keep Ms. Gesick and her World Civilizations class. Math knocked on my door my fourth year and continued into my fifth. It was the most difficult thing I did during my college years. But I passed with .1% above the failing grade.

The end of a relationship. The end of June was the end of a three year relationship with Mark. He is a very caring person. In the end, our hearts were in different places. It wasn't mutual. I had to be the bad guy, which is difficult for me - being the passive aggressive person I am. But it was best for both of us, I just hope he knows that.

A new job. I started interning at obi in February after meeting TJ at a bar. He thought I was hitting on him after he told me he worked for a marketing collective and I asked for his business card. What he didn't know was I really needed an internship. After graduation I came on full-time. obi has given me great opportunities. I have gotten to travel - which is something I love. It has sent me to California twice. Which I can't thank them enough for.

A new love. More than a relationship. It's still new. But it doesn't feel awkward or clumsy like many new things can be. I remember sending a message to Asleep saying I thought his tattoos were rad. From there whatever we had started its course. I first met him in July when I was out in California for work. We lost contact for three months or so, until I went back in November. Since the second time I saw him, things were different - in a good way.

My first tattoo. In May I got something I have wanted for five years. The zodiac symbol for Jupiter. My favorite song. My ruling planet. Loss. New things to come. My dad. So much in something so little.

I came out. Something I had wanted to do for years.

New car. I had to wave goodbye to Mary. A girl that has taken care of me for quite some time. She had the best seats in the world. Plush and comfy are an understatement. I welcomed Alice into my life. She fits me. I wouldn't trade her for anything.

These are just a few of the things that have happened this past year. They will all stay with me. They're on my map. I'll be interested seeing where my map takes me next year.


Asleep said...

I saw no mention of King Taco Jimmy... What happened to King Taco!!!! :)

Katie said...

a milestone year. so much has happened. so much more to come. 2007...bring it on.

nancy said...

what a year! you also met your bloggers in atlanta, and a blogger in a wheelchair.

Heather said...

You did have a busy year did you?

God love ya.