100 more things

A list of 100 more things I need to do with Asleep.

101. ride a two seat bicycle
102. build sand castles
103. eat cinnamon rolls at farmhouse
104. go to a tori amos concert together
105. count shooting stars
106. get in a water balloon fight
107. have sex on the beach
108. draw pictures of each other on napkins over a cup of coffee
109. hide things and make up riddles on where to find them
110. climb a tree
111. make a tree house
112. bring him to omaha
113. go sledding
114. make hot chocolate with a lot of alcohol to get him drunk and take advantage of him
115. learn how to surf
116. camp
117. make s’mores
118. race each other – the loser has to do something for the winner
119. go to a playground late at night and swing
120. go to the zoo
121. ride an elephant
122. make him breakfast in bed
123. leave post-it notes for the other to find
124. go to an island for a week – with no electricity or tourists
125. open a t-shirt store
126. take an ice cream bath
127. stay in bed for three days
128. throw a dart at a map and visit that place
129. start a bar fight
130. have a snow ball fight
131. crash a wedding
132. learn how to play a new instrument and start a band
133. be in the newspaper for a unicorn sighting
134. hit on random strangers together – and then hit the other apologizing to the stranger the other has multiple personalities and is off their meds
135. take naps
136. do cartwheels in the sidewalk
137. make home movies
138. help and elderly woman cross the street
139. paint a fence
140. volunteer at the humane society for a day or two
141. start a lawn service named We’ll Trim Your Bush
142. drive on the 101 for fun
143. fool around on a busy elevator
144. race up the Eiffel tower
145. leave our favorite pictures for strangers to find
146. win best costumes at a Halloween party
147. trick or treat
148. river raft in Colorado
149. play super Mario brothers
150. watch the sunrise
151. trust each other
152. laugh until it hurts
153. give each other code names
154. go through a car was with the windows down
155. rock climb
156. carve wood
157. do the crab walk
158. write a romance novel
159. fix something
160. not take advantage of time spent
161. watch him work
162. stay up all night
163. build a fort in the living room and sleep there
164. egg mean people’s cars
165. throw a luau party
166. tell each other ghost stories
167. tell people about the magical fairies that live in the trees
168. breathe each other in, often
169. 69 100 times
170. read each other’s horoscopes
171. get each other out of bad moods
172. draw maps on each other
173. see who can blow the biggest bubble
174. prank call random people from the phone book
175. call in sick and play board games
176. connect the dots
177. get our cards read
178. play naked twister
179. decorate a Christmas tree
180. watch our favorite movies over and over
181. pose with Janice Dickenson
182. hike through the mountains
183. make a Christmas list and send it to the north pole
184. not to get arrested for doing these
185. give each other piggyback rides when our feet are tired
186. play ring-around-the-rosy with nuns
187. re-start a hair band
188. Throw each other the best birthday party EVER
189. play strip poker
190. start a radio show called Deaf Man Listening
191. give each other massages
192. really buy that sex swing, no gift wrapping necessary
193. go sailing
194. love
195. slip’n’slide
196. find waldo
197. drive through Compton at night
198. not get shot
199. keep each other warm
200. do everything on the list


Asleep said...

I love you.

no. 169 -Jimmy!

molly said...


Katie said...

i've seen you do cartwheels, jimmy. stay in the grass. not on the sidewalk.