rain can't confuse the thoughts

I am in London, paying for this time, so it will probably be short. I'm sitting in a small London Internet cafe trying to figure out how to load my pictures from my camera to a website (and it;s not going so well). I put the first set of 300 pictures on Daisy, but now they are all erased. I am calling Apple when I get home and ripping them a new one. On a better note, the weather in London has finally taken place. Since the day we got here it has been 60-70 degrees and sunny. If you know me, you know I like it cold and rainy. The parks here are beautiful as are the buildings. I have noticed one thing, no one seems to smile. I smile at them, but get nothing in return.

Yesterday we walked along the Thames going to the Tate Museum. We had out first form of discrimination for being American. We asked for directions and the man told us 'Over there, by the way, are you American?' We replied with a proud Yes. He then says 'Good job in Iraq' Bitch please.


molly said...

People like that kill me! Did you reply...good job at ruining a salty fried potato stick. Never trust anyone from a country that can't even get french fries right.

Heather B said...

Are you about home yet - they keep showing the X3 trailor and I have no one to call & be excited with!

JLauren said...

I can't wait for you to get home!! Kat from Farmhouse says "HI" I was just there today. And it was grrreaat.

Also, I have see the the X3 previews and stuff, and I keep thinking of you...so it makes me miss you even more.

AND, I had a dream that Michael got an invitation to your Pirate Party...and I didn't!!

Heather B said...

I know, where the heck is my invite! Jamie and I will throw our own party on 16th if you arent careful :)

JLauren said...

you know it!! You know it!!

we'll have lots of interesting people there too. Maybe that lady that needed that "napkin" will show up!!

James K: I just wanted to let you know that lastnight it stormed bunches lastnight, and it was grrreeat!