another paradise

New Orleans is warm and balmy with the smell of honeysuckle in the air. But Scarlet is grappling with covetousness in ANOTHER GIRL'S PARADISE. Her travels take her through Florida and to Hawaii, before she returns to Miami. "All the time she's having a conversation with desire. And she realises that very few of us can genuinely wish each other good in a selfless way."
-Scarlet's Walk Bio

I feel the post I wrote last night was a tad bit Debbie Downer (wah-wah-wahhhh). I apologize. I also feel I sounded like I wanted something - someone else's drug, or whatever it is, to help them do whatever it is they need to do. I was laying in bed last night and thought of this song. I think we all have this problem, in some form or another, of wanting what isn't ours. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. For me, I am content with what I have. But at times, I see people with their fathers still here, and I want that.


you caught me lingering
in another girl's
the way she paints
the world --
I want that in my

Emeralds, you should know,
are renting in her meadow
with a stroke
beauty lives
how could I resist
you are Desire

when it all is said
said and done
who can Love you
and still be standing
there's Mary calling
up a storm
can I take from you
and not keep taking
naked as day
Gemma follows him
Does it all come down to
the thing one girl fears
in the night
is another girl's paradise

through twists and turns
Jasmine foxed me
in her grove
arms filled with
Honeybells, St. Michaels
Sanford Bloods

"you have come to discover
what you want"
what i want is not to
want what isn't mine
"But I am Desire"

Another Girl's Paradise - Tori Amos


Anonymous said...

It helps if you cherish the memories of being able to know your father; honoring their life, not mourning their death.

I never had the opportunity to know my mother before she took her own life; but, I cherish the lives of those who passed who were there for me as best they could be for they wouldn't want the liquid membrane of my soul to crust over and harden with the woe.

And when all else fails eat a cupcake :)

- Fish

Jimmy said...

i do cherish those times. i always will. and i am not a huge fan of cupcakes. but cinn. rolls...i could eat them.

Heather said...

I feel this way ... every second ... of every day.