dawn's birthday

Today is my sister's birthday. My only one. Thank God I only have one.

She turned 31 today. I hope this is better than when she turned 30 - she was pregnant with her third child, she couldn't drink and she was emotional. Today - she has three children, she drinks and I believe she is still emotional.

Growing up we didn't get along. Being seven years younger, I was always in her business, trying to hang out with her friends and always playing with her Barbie's. Yes, I was one of those weird kids who always made the Barbie's have sex with each other.

She got me back though. She would dress me up in girl clothes and take pictures of me. She would hit me a lot. Yell and scream at me to stay away from her - or to get out of her room.

I tried to follow in her footsteps. She played the violin - I played the violin. She played soccer - I played soccer. But something was off - she was competitive and I wasn't.

We got closer when she moved away. If that makes any sense. I was in fifth grade when she went off to Iowa State University. I remember getting an ISU T-Shirt for Christmas and thinking she was the coolest sister ever.

After college she moved back, engaged with Todd - her boyfriend since high school. It was nice having her back. She didn't hit me or yell at me this time. We were no longer just brother and sister - we were friends.

Today we can talk about anything. I love how she lives next door. I can walk 50 paces to the south if I ever have a problem or just want to chat. It's funny to think of my sister as a mom. But she is. A wonderful woman with three amazing children. A great husband. A the best brother anyone could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday Dawn.


Katie said...

can you still play the violin?

molly said...

come and knock at my door...

Jimmy said...

part os it...i went to cello.

nancy said...

oh you and my brother are starting to have lots in common. i used to dress michael up in girl's clothes. i used to put hundreds of barets in his hair when he was sleeping. i experimented with his makeup too. i have some pictures to prove it.