morning breeze

This morning I woke up a little early. By a little, I mean 5 a.m. I was laying in bed wanting to go back to sleep until I thought I would take a little stroll to the beach.

It was only a block away. I could hear the waves crashing. I could smell the salty air. It was still dark. I walked down the cement stairs to the cold sand. I could see the sun peeking out to the left of me. The sunrise wasn't what I had expected. I think the sunset will be amazing.


got hurt today, my heart today
he just doesnt know what not to say
he fell today, around today
he said, 'make me liquid'
he, liquid, he, it's you
so i took a little break and i put it in a little song
pieces of him and me
we could both, ah, sing along
then i saw that maybe we just needed to embrace again
just to be with my Friend, you know we could be liquid
once again

you came and saw me and i broke my heart, then, what you did
you said that you didnt think that what you did was hurtful
you said, 'i dont see what you want from me'
i said 'could we be...
could we be

more photos of my morning.


Bryan said...

Inspiring pictures. Brilliant words.

Nice to meet you!


Katie said...

**sigh** a feeling of serenity just fell over me from reading this. i love the ocean in the morning. i'm glad you got to experience it.

Heather said...

When are we going back?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy...for some reason I got grossed out when you said "Salty Air." And, yes my friend, I will still be masterbating...lol---I feel like I should feel dirty when I say that...but I don't..hhmm...maybe because I'm doing it right now....oh how I pull your (or my) let...lol,...JUST KIDDING!


Anonymous said...

leg, not let...that totally ruined the joke..damn

Danelle the Photographer said...

come home already and come back to work sally. its not the same without you. who am i suppost to have tickle fights with?