two words

Elefant - Asleep

isn’t it funny
how two little words
mean so much
when you say them
to a certain someone
the weight of an elephant
is lifted off your shoulders
funny how
you can say those two words to anyone on the street
to any one of your friends
or co-workers
but to a certain someone
the two words get lodged in your throat
and you can barely cough them out
that elephant
found its way in the way of the words
and won’t budge
you get enough strength to move it
and those two words pour out
because you can’t stutter them
‘i’m gay’
comes out
after so many years
of wanting to say two words
of tip-toeing around
they come out
and that elephant is gone
out of my throat
and off my shoulders


Danelle the Photographer said...

good job jimbo....

Katie said...

congratulations...i'm proud of you.

Bryan said...

Man, that's awesome! super congrats!

Anonymous said...

It's hard at first like everything else is... You must first walk before you may run and dancing doesn't always get easier with time but you learn how pedal more efficiently or swim a bit further when you condition your body. Manage yourself with dignity as you grow and adapt and worry less about others, you're never wrong for being who you are and even people who barely know you may respect you for believing in yourself with such passion.

- Fish

Asleep said...

the hardest 2 words i once told my mom was "get naked"

Jimmy said...

thank you fish.

and that is wrong asleep. wrong.