perfect days

After work and long meetings I decided to take a break. A break from the cold, from everything. I was selfish and took a day or two for me. The weather was warm, in the 90s. The sun was shining. And I just wanted to breathe.

I visited Asleep. He said he didn’t have anything planned. And I didn’t care. He did want to make sure I went to King Taco. I saw his new place, balcony and all. He showed me one of my favorite pieces and hung it near his TV. I then saw the actual nose and bridge. I was lost for a bit.

Forest Fire

Friday we decided to go to Los Angeles. I’ve never been, so I was all eyes as we drove into the city. As for the actual city, it was dirty. I’ve never seen a smog cloud before. I felt bad for our lungs. But it was one of those drives you could have just driven on and on, and not cared.

I wondered if I would see any celebrities. I told Asleep I wanted to see Nicole Richie – just to see what she is wearing...maybe that’s really gay? Anyways, no celebrities. We did stop by and see the Chinese Theatre, Virgin, Cold Stone, and the sign from a distance. The day went too fast.

On the way home we stopped at King Taco. I was ready for goodness. It was delicious, even if brains and tongues were on the menu. Their hot sauce also rocked. Thank God for Asleep, everything was in Spanish, and I know I would have ordered something that wouldn’t go down or come out right. While eating he said we were only a block away from Compton. I made him take me. We missed the sunset – but we didn’t miss the prostitutes or people selling illegal TV’s and stereos on their front lawns.

Asleep put together a video that best shows our time. Just as soon as I got home, I wanted to go back. Is it the warm weather? The wanting to have something new? Or something else? I have my guesses.

I almost stop feeling the freezing
Whenever it's cold
And i almost can see in the dark now
Cuz your skin's so gold


Anonymous said...

Screw NY let's go to LA.

Katie said...

"I think I'll start a new life.
I think I'll start it over, where no one knows my name."

glad you had a good trip :)

Danelle the Photographer said...

next time im coming jerk! its not fair you get to have all the fun while i sit at work cold and sick. haha i do love you though...

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. You saw Freddie Krugger....

Asleep said...

you forgot to take "forest fire" home with you.

Jimmy said...

it was on your wall...that would be stealing.

although, i was going to take your elephant clock!

nancy said...

love the video especially the part where you are looking at the cds.

Heather said...

Be sure to keep in touch after you head off to the land of sun.

I will make sure to get you an Ionic Breeze as a gift before you go :)