one great day

Yesterday was my birthday. I love this day. It's one of my most favorite days of the year. It's my day - to be king, to play, to not have any responsibilities, to do as I please.

Yesterday was also a good day for presents. My first one of the day was from Danelle. She was up in Sewer City for a photo shoot and found a bar who carried Strongbow. She schmoozed with the bartendar to let her take home. And that was a good present.
She also gave me my birthday orange. I love him.
Then, a package I have been waiting for since last Friday arrived. It was from Asleep. I am not patient at all, but his gifts to me were worth the wait. I loved every single thing - from the shoelaces to the Jimmy Tree (my favorite). I can't thank you enough for what you do or how you make me feel. x

That evening a large group of us went to have a nice Italian dinner. A few friends from Portland were in town for the OBI Holiday Party and Diva from San Diego was in.
Mollie looked amazing. J-Lo is not even competition.
Mr. Joel and Danelle. They always make me happy.
Jon Hustead - aire to the throne of Wall Drug. It's always enjoyable to sit and chat with him because his words make me laugh.
Jen is from Portland. She is a power house. That's why I love her. And TJ - thank you for dinner, you're such a great friend. And yes, I just knew you were going to make a toast. That is why I brought you along - just because I knew no one else would make a speech quite like you.

After dinner we went to see Little Brazil. I asked my pal Greg if they could play my 80s favorite, Bette Davis Eyes. I was hopeful, until Greg told me they decided against it. I was a sad boy. But you can't keep me down - I had an amazing group of people around me - amazing presents - and an amazing day.

Thank you Mollie, Gina, Katie, Babe, and Danelle for your kind words. Your words hug my heart and make me grateful I have friends like you.

Gina - I forgive you for putting those horrible picture up of me. You were told to burn them, but yet they have made their way to all of the world. I just pray that I don't look like that anymore.


Heather said...

Everyone has a bad photo or two ... and I wouldnt even consider those BAD of you silly.

Now that I can speak an entire sentence - when the hell are we going out :)

Asleep said...

you're the best jimmy

Katie said...

it was such a great day. i'm glad i got to spend so much time with you.