to danelle

to danelle
somedays i like to call you darnelle
you know why
i came across this picture
it made me smile
just as you always make me do
with your bear hugs
and your laugh
and your mr. joel
in a couple weeks
you won't have my last name
you'll have another
but that's ok
thank you
for scheduling my classes for me
even if i didn't need them
for listening to all of my complaining
for being my partner in crime
my other shadow
for staying up on a bus with me
when it was raining
hammers and nails
for always getting ice cream with me

for getting yelled at by professors for always talking
for telling it wasn't madison, wi
for getting me addicted to myspace
for never judging
you're welcome
for using all of my school books
i didn't mind
thank you
for making me sign up
for that trip
let's go back soon
and good luck
with mr. joel
you don't need it
it's already there
love you


Anonymous said...

I don't know Danelle very much, but everytime I see her she has a smile on her face.

Danelle the Photographer said...

oh jimbo.
thank you.
im sittin here in a camping chair in a piece of crap 'photo studio' in sioux city (aka sux city) and about to cry thanks to your lovely blog.
lets go back.
how does tomorrow work for you.
this made my day.
i love you for now and always.

ps-i will keep the ferrin.

danelle nicole schlegelmilch-ferrin

katie said...

I love you danelle nicole petersen schlegelmilch ferrin wortmann!