hungry hungry homo's

What do you know - another video with me and friends eating. We had a new idea for a youtube show called Hungry Hungry Homo's. Our waiter would animate Japanese women in it. They will be evil villains called the Lactose Intolerant Lesbians, who will wear flannel. We get some other laughs in, for this was a good lunch.


Danelle the Photographer said...

oh what fun it is to eat
with the hungry hungry homos.

i cant wait until next time. I will look way cuter and not dress like a spam slob for my close up.

Katie said...

ha! the hungry hungry homos will make the world safe again from the lacto lesbos!

ps this makes me hungry for sushi. mmmmmm.

molly said...

why do the lesbains always have to be the evil ones?