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And I'm back. London and Paris were amazing and beautiful. Both magical places that I had always seen through text books and pictures.

As many of you know, cold, rainy weather is my favorite, so London should have been wonderful. The first five days were 65 and sunny. So Katie, Greg and I found ourselves in the middle of gay mecca and it started to rain, I was at home. From then on out it was rainy and cold, thank you Lord.

We also totally nerded out and did a million and one sight seeing adventures. One of my favorites was the London Eye. An enormous wheel of glass eyes to view the surrounding area of the city. We were graced to have Asians our eye with us. They made me not feel so bad for taking pictures of everything - for they take pictures of everything three times.

The one thing I missed most was food. I somehow gained weight, even though I was supposed to be on de-tox because I had eaten so much the week before the trip. We stumbled upon a restaurant called Bella Italia which was wonderful. There, they had the Godfather - the best thing I had eaten in London.

Then Paris. The city of love. Well, I didn't see much of love, but I did see a lot of filth and people in the street. But that aside, they do have wonderful things...


Naked statues at the Louvre

Eiffel Tower

After a lovely time in Paris we head back to London where we spend the rest of our trip at Cambridge. We punted, shopped and drank. To go out with a bang I decided to perform a balancing at with my good friend Greg, the Sexican. It didn't go as well as I'd hoped and resulted in a serious rug burn. I like to tell people I got it from a pub brawl. I will definately go back one day, maybe to live, or to see Apple. Whatever takes me I will be sure to bring good friends and more granola bars along the way.

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molly said...

those naked statues have nothing on you, Papi!