cleaning out the shells

So, this was my first attempt to make a video that is actually...well, a video. This is Apollo and Marta's second debut - their first being from Gina. I hope you enjoy. I still need to work on it - but due to my shitacular computer I am limited in some aspects of movie making.

Drink the water drink it down
This time I know I'm bound
To spit it back up
I didn't want this
Salty substitute, just not going to do
I need some air, if I'm going to live through
This experience reminds me of a clock
That just won't tick

I want to wake up
From this concussion
But my dream is just not done
I'm late again,
It's just one of those
Bad days look outside and
Be careful what you ride
You just might find
That you're out of time
To swim ashore
If I drift long enough
I'll be home

Jack Johnson - Drink the Water


Katie said...

my favorite part was when you drank the turtle water.


Bryan said...

Two things I realized in watching this video:

1) You tasted turtle water.

2) Even a short film about turtle water can become a tear jerker with the right music at the end.

Michael said...

I like it.