see you, my love

To my girl, who will always be my favorite. Mary, you've been everywhere with me. making trips back and forth to Iowa City. You've heard all my secrets, and have never judged. You have met all my friends - and boys. Oh, the boys, if they only knew your sway.

With your sway comes your dance. Mary, my girl with red hair and big hips.

We've had some moments where I wanted to pull you over and say not nice things to you. Such as the time I was heading to class in Iowa City and you broke down in the middle of a four-way intersection, while on a bridge. Or when it was 1,000 degrees and broke down in the Target parking lot, and we had to wait three hours for the tow. You even made me angry when your A/C didn't work, in the hottest of Omaha days.

But I still love you, and always will. Antenna or not. You can thank a car wash for that one.

You've made others jealous, with your seats. The most comfortable lap you could sit in. You treated me like a king.

Mary, don't be jealous of Alice, please. You will always hold a special place with me, and I will think of you often.

I was never ashamed of you. When asked what vehicle I drove, I proudly acclaimed, 'I drive Mary. A '91 Buick Regal LIMITED. She has red hair and big hips.'

See you around town. Joe, my cousin, will treat you kind. I told him he couldn't change your name. For you would always be Mary.


molly said...

that came from the depths of your soul...it really made cry. no joke.

Katie said...

I remember when Mary played RENT songs for us and allowed us to sing along at the tops of our lungs all the way back to Omaha from Danelle's graduation party. To Mary!

Blaine Anderson said...


Heather B said...

I will miss the digital lightshow that was her dashboard ... and I can at least proudly say - I never broke her seatbelt.

Anonymous said...

I think that she will understand.

nancy said...

i love this post, and i love the fact that all of the videos that you post, i can sing along to.