unemployment day #4

I have been in my new home three days. In these three days, Asleep has worked everyday, and I have 'unpacked.' I am starting to get restless, mainly because I don't know where I am. I can stores to shop at, but I have to save my money since I don't have a job. I can find the beach, which is something I will do today. I found the grocery store. I never understood how Mollie could always go to the grocery store - but now I see why. It's very calming. Walking up and down the isles, thinking only of the food in front of you. It takes your mind off things. For me - it is taking my mind off being restless.

I went to Gap yesterday, they weren't hiring. I had an urge to throw in 'Well, I've worked with the company five years, so...' - but I decided against it.

I am going to see Little Brazil tonight at the Knitting Factory. I will be happy to see someone I know. I texted Greg and told him to play Bette Davis Eyes. I doubt they will because of the text I received back from Greg saying 'Ha.' It's always worth a try. Asleep is going to have me drive to the show - this should be interesting. If we survive me driving through Hollywood, then you will know by tomorrow's post.


Katie said...

How was the show?

nancy said...

Yes, how was it?