countdown: two

Packing is no fun.

I got to hang out with my mom a little today. We ran some errands and had lunch. It felt good to be with her.

Last night I had my 'See You Later' party. So many good people came...well all that came were good. Ashley gave me our Halloween photo from several years ago - she was Mary and I was Warren from Something About Mary. I looked like a wee lad. Then Mollie, Katie, Danelle, Meredith and Ashley all pitched in to get me one of Cory's pieces! It's one I have always wanted because it reminds me of Alice In Wonderland...I'm not sure why, but it's beautiful. Thank you so much everyone!!! And please forgive me if I left anyone out...I was tipsy when you all gave it to me. But thank you again for coming out. And the night wasn't complete until I saw pierced nipples, thank you T.

Tonight we are having a family get together before I leave. I would post pictures, but my camera is broken.

The days are colliding into one another. It's a landslide of chores, cleaning and trying to remember the important things. Cross your fingers that everything will fit into Alice.

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Katie said...

and Nancy and Stevie too!