moving: part dos

This is a day late or two, so I apologize.

The second part of moving was good. My favorite state to drive through was Arizona. We got to drive through two national forests - the trees were so big and green! We also drove through mountains. I don't understand how people can go 90 mph through twists and turns, ups and downs.

On our way out of Arizona Asleep spotted a Whataburger - we barely made the exit, but he got what he had been wanting for two days.

The drive was fine until the last few hours. I was dead tired and wanted to be out of the car. Thank Jebus Asleep wasn't as tired so he could drive. We made it home around 10 p.m.

The best surprise was the photos he put in frames of me and my friends...Katie, you have a frame all to yourself!

Apollo and Martha had a clean tank, we ate chili cheeseburgers and went to bed. It was so nice to be back on cloud 9 - especially with Asleep. I slept so good - until 6 a.m. when Asleep had to go to work (boooo!).

I unpacked, watched Trans America and he came home with King Taco. We went to Target and then to see Epic Movie. It was a great first day!

This morning we planted our pine tree. I think it's seen better days, but hopefully Max pulls through. I am going to apply for jobs today - I am going with low responsibility, I think I deserve a little break.


Katie said...

I do??? COOL! You'll have to take a picture of the pictures! :)

It sounds awesome. It is like a permanent vacation that you never have to come home from...because you are home.

Love you!

Danelle the Photographer said...

you are a professional model work it boy...