unemployment diaries

I have been lazy not posting blogs, so I apologize. I have also been without camera for two months, so I had to survive sans Betty. Thanks to Asleep, I have a new camera!!! Thank you so much baby. You're the best.

California life is quite lovely. The weather is perfect. The beach is near. I live with a very sexy man (that's the best part). The only thing I am lacking is employment. I have never not had a job, so I feel excited to do whatever I want. At the same time, I feel like I am a lazy pile. While being unemployed, there is one thing I have mastered, the art of being lazy.


Katie said...

He spoils you!

Heather B said...

Seeing you eat alone breaks my heart ... just a little.

I miss you!

Camille said...

Welcome to Los Angeles!

I have the number of a great temp agency in Beverly Hills. Let me know if you want the number. I get really good work through them.