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Love is like oxygen
Love is a many splendored thing
Love lifts us up where we belong
All you need is love!
-Ewan Mcgregor - Elephant Love Medley

Soon I will have a new movie buddy. For the most part we have the same tastes in films. There's one type of movie that I enjoy more than he - love stories. I'm a sucker for a love story, I'm not sure where it came from or why, but I don't mind the occasional 'chick flick' or movie where you already know the ending of happily ever after. And chances are, I will cry at some point during them - just as I do in every episode of Grey's Anatomy.

One of my most favorite movies is Moulin Rouge. Yes it's a love story, but does it have a happy ending? Not so much. But every time I hear Come What May I get emotional. Or when I hear The Police's Tango de Roxanne I get the chills - by far my favorite scene. Kylie Minogue as the Green Fairy is rad.

I will most likely make Asleep watch this with me, I don't think he has a choice in this one. He will also have to put up with my singing during it as well.

In some ways, I feel my relationship with Asleep is like a love movie where you already know the ending of happily ever after - and I love that.


Asleep said...

you're so cute baby. it sounds like our love story will be a musical... i wanna singing part too!

Katie said...

can i be mimi?

Anonymous said...

Guuuuurl! Chick flicks and Grey's Anatomy are definitely the Sweet Escape! :)

Anonymous said...

- Fish

molly said...

therapy doesn't hurt either...